Masks from acne

Applying masks for acne, follow basic rules:  Recipes for face masks for acne

  • do not use mixes ingredients for which there is an allergic reaction;
  • during the preparation of the clay masks and badyagi not use metal utensils;
  • before the procedure to thoroughly clean the skin;
  • Do not apply the mixture on the area around the eyes and lips;
  • during the procedure to adopt a horizontal position;
  • unmask the directions massage lines;
  • after the mask apply a tonic.

The face masks for acne are used substances with cleaning, dries, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal properties.

Recipes masks for acne

According to reviews, the mask for acne based drugs are the most effective.

Face mask for acne based on streptotsida. It has strong anti-inflammatory and drying effect. Ingredients: streptocid - 4 tablets, tooth powder - 1 teaspoon of tincture of calendula - 1 teaspoon. Streptocide crushed and mixed with tooth powder, then gradually introduce calendula tincture until the mixture acquires the consistency of thick cream. For oily skin mask can be applied to the entire face, with a dry - on localization of lesions. Mask stand until completely dry (20-30 minutes), then remove with a dry sponge and rinse your face with water.

A strong mask for acne and comedones .  It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, purifying, regenerating effect, removes redness and regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, cleanses pores .  The main ingredients: Zinc Ointment (zinc oxide) - 20 g sulfuric ointment (33%) - 25 g of salicylic ointment (10%) - 25 g birch tar - 5-7 drops .  To neutralize the odor of birch tar can be added to a mixture of 2 drops of essential oils of bergamot, juniper, rosemary .  To enhance the regenerative properties of the mask you can enter the 5 drops of oil solution of vitamin A (retinol acetate) .  All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, resulting in a creamy mass, which should be applied at night on problem areas - the T-zone, forehead, chin .  Frequency of use of masks - every two days .  This mask acne, reviews applying it regularly provides almost absolute protection from all types of skin rash .

Note that the mask for acne containing drugs are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Masks from acne on the basis of egg white are popular, because they have a drying effect and narrow pores. For example, it is very good for acne, acne and redness mask the following composition: one egg, make tea tree oil (5 drops), starch. Protein shake up to a state of strong foam and add the oil. Gradually introduce the starch until the mixture reaches the consistency of sour cream. Apply on face for 15 minutes, dried mask rinse with warm water. The frequency of application - once in three days. Course - 10 masks, then a three-month break.

Acne Mask of clay and herbs. Main ingredients: grass celandine, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, cosmetic clay. From herbs taken in equal quantities, prepare a decoction, filter, cool to room temperature and mixed with clay, bringing the weight to the consistency of thick cream. Exposure time - 20-30 minutes, until dry.

Masks from the traces of pimples

Often victory over acne is the beginning of the next stage of the struggle for beauty - the effects of treatment in the form of scars and blemishes. In this case, the mask for acne is not effective, need extra care with the help of special tools, which include and facials.

Masks from the traces of pimples has absorbing, regenerating, exfoliating, whitening, increases local blood circulation properties.

Recipes masks from the traces of pimples

 Recipes masks from the traces of pimples
 Mask of honey and cinnamon. It nourishes, promotes skin regeneration, improves the complexion, purifies and tightens pores. Ingredients: Honey and cinnamon powder in equal amounts. After thorough mixing the components obtained viscous mass with a pleasant aroma. The mask is applied to the skin with a spatula for 20 minutes, using 2-3 times a week. The mask may cause a slight burning or itching. Since contact with skin begins to melt honey, mass can flow to the face, because the clothes should be protected with a napkin. The mask is used when undesirable vasodilation in the face.

Mask of the spots from acne with lemon juice helps the skin whitening. Ingredients: egg white, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Protein shake up a bit with a fork and mix with juice. Apply to face, after drying wash. Instead, the protein can be used white clay, dilute with water. But in this case, the mixture is applied only on the spot.

Effective for removing stains and scars Medical paraffin. It is melted on a water bath and is applied directly to scars with a cotton pad. After solidification of the wax is removed from the skin and stored until the next session. Be careful, wax should be warm but not hot. Before applying wax is recommended to lubricate the face cream.

Since the heated wax expands capillaries, it can not be applied to the area with the vascular network.

For the treatment of acne effects traditionally used masks from traces of acne based on freshwater sponges - badyagi used in the form of powder or paste. Badyagu mixed with hot water until creamy and in the form of heat is applied to the face. Top superimposed compress paper and a hot towel. Exposure time - 30 minutes. Mask wash off with warm water, face powdered with talc. The mixture should be applied with caution, avoiding areas close to mucosal surfaces (the nostrils, eyes). The mask can cause a burning sensation or tingling, redness lasts up to two days.

Even more active mask from acne blemishes from badyagi and hydrogen peroxide. But to avoid burning it should not be applied all over the face, and directly with the stain.

The use of masks badyagi contraindicated in dry thin skin, dilated capillaries and excessive hair growth on the face.

Apply a mask of clay and acne, and their consequences. Clay soothes, heals, relieves inflammation. At the heels of acne can be quite effective quality clay mask on a regular purified water. The addition of other active ingredients enhances the effect.

For example, the mask traces of acne of clay and fresh-water sponge is used to treat chronic spots on the skin. The composition of the mask: white clay - 4 teaspoons, fresh-water sponge - 1 teaspoon, purified water - 2 tbsp. The mixture is applied on the face for 15 minutes, then gently washed off with warm water. On dry skin moisturizer is applied. The action of the mask is shown peeling for the next two days.

Masks from acne and consequences of regular use are very effective skin care at home.

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