About Dermatology

 Dermatology - the science of the integument

Clinical medicine, known to us as dermatology, has been studying the structure and function of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. In addition, the sphere of interest of Dermatology get skin diseases, their prevention and treatment, as well as the development of new methods of disease diagnosis.

The main goal of this branch of medicine - to achieve restoration of the normal state of the hair and skin after previous infections and human pathologies. In this regard, both adults and children are closely related to Dermatology and Venereology oncology. As part of the research work carried out to study the processes of aging and changes in the skin, fatty tissue, hair and nails. With the direct participation of dermatologists to develop new drugs and cosmetics, allowing the skin to cope with the defect without surgery or other major interventions in the body.

The most common skin disease - a cancer, warts, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, dermatitis and acne. The symptoms of many of these diseases are similar to each other, which greatly complicates the correct diagnosis. For this reason, children dermatology uses the additional methods of research, in particular, diascopy, layer-scraping, various skin tests, histological studies and biochemical analyzes.

Modern dermatology can achieve success in the treatment of the most serious diseases, some of which are only a few years ago were considered incurable. This progress was made possible by the introduction of innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, as well as enhance the role of preventive measures in a timely detection and treatment of various diseases of the skin.