Ultrasonic Angiology


Angiology - a branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. In particular, veins, lymph vessels, arteries.

As is known, the human vascular system includes the heart, blood and lymph vessels, bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes. According to its morphological and functional features, a single vascular system is divided into the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

In today's world, a man tries to catch all the while forgetting about the main thing - about their health. To feel good, the body's muscles must be toned. Similarly, the vascular system requires loads to be in good shape. The absence of such stress leads to Angiological diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In medicine, there are many diseases of the circulatory system: anemia, aneurysms, atherosclerosis, acute thrombosis, embolism arteries or veins, varicose veins, venous thrombosis, and various vascular injury. All of them belong to the Angiology.

Diagnosis of diseases in Angiology

As with any diagnosis of disease, diagnosis of diseases of the circulatory system based on clinical manifestations. Diagnose them by hardware research. Such studies provide the most complete and reliable estimate of the stage of disease, to identify the localization process.

If Angiological studies have shown that surgical intervention is necessary, the patient undergoes surgery, through which removes blood clots in the blood vessels, which in the future, saves man from a stroke or a heart attack.

In modern medicine, a surgeon can establish an accurate diagnosis even during the initial examination. To do this, he examines the patient using Ultrasound Angiological research. In addition, modern devices, which are used for operations, allow for surgery without damaging the integrity of blood vessels. This technique helps to minimize the chance of complications after such operations.

Angiology in Pediatric Surgery

In newborns can occur following Angiological diseases:

- Hemangioma

- Cyst

- Tumor vessels.

In case of detection of cysts that obstruct breathing, squeeze the esophagus or to create another life-threatening situation of the infant, the surgeon performs surgery to remove them. Almost all operations take place without any complications in the future, baby grows healthy.

Ultrasonic Angiology

 Ultrasonic Angiology
 In modern Angiology widely used ultrasound scanning. Scanning helps accurately identify vascular lesions, pathological character of the state of vessels, determine the status of the arterial and venous system of the human body.

Ultrasonic Angiology allows you to objectively assess the state of the arteries of the abdomen and the whole body. Makes it possible to evaluate the thickness of the vessel walls locally, the degree of cross-examined vessels identified education on the walls of blood vessels. Such a study is painless and very effective in terms of identifying the lesion and further treatment.

Various vascular lesions can lead to the development of hemodynamic disturbances. That is why describe the ultrasound diagnostic criteria Angiological hemodynamic syndromes. These syndromes include systemic and local disturbances of blood flow in the venous system, arterial deformation arterial aneurysm. Using ultrasound Angiology violations identified and timely treatment contributes to a speedy recovery.