Useful properties of apricot

 Useful properties of apricot - plentiful
 Fruits are contained malic, citric acid, tartaric acid, sugar, starch, iron, phosphorus, tannins, magnesium, silver, iodine compounds, vitamins C, B, P, H, E, pectin.

Useful properties of apricot: raising the level of hemoglobin, regulation of blood, improve memory and brain activity, as it has a laxative, diuretic, anti-edema effect, removes heavy metals.

Apricot seeds are used for oil production, is used as a solvent for some drugs. Apricot oil contains 5% myristic acid, 14% - 20% stearic and linoleic acids.

The use of apricot

Apricot benefit anemia, obesity, cardiovascular, kidney disease, constipation.

Reducing properties of apricot is used during periods of increased mental stress, it also includes supportive care of cancer patients.

Dried apricots - dried apricots include in the diet of magnesium, which is prescribed to patients with hypertension, anemia. Hypertensives in the season of fruit ripening is recommended to eat them as much as possible. Also, dried apricots are useful as a fortifying agent for pregnant women, children, elderly people - to use it in an amount 100-150gr day.

Apricot seeds than the manufacture of oil is successfully used as a means to eliminate cough in bronchial asthma, bronchitis, tracheitis, respiratory catarrh, laryngitis. To prepare the drug need 20g of purified nucleoli apricot kernel dried and crushed into powder. Take apricot seed powder of a spoonful of tea about four times a day with tea or milk. More nucleoli 20g at a time to make it is impossible - this can lead to poisoning.

Diuretic properties of apricot is used to treat kidney disease, heart and blood vessels. To do this, prepare an infusion of dried apricots: chopped dried apricots (100 g) poured a liter of boiled water, 6:00. Sugar should not be added to infusion.

It was found that a glass of apricot juice is enough to satisfy the daily requirement for vitamins. Due to the bactericidal properties of apricot juice from its fruit can be drunk at high acidity of gastric juice and intestinal diseases that are accompanied by putrefaction.

Useful properties of apricot is used in cosmetology: Masks of frayed fresh fruits have a soothing effect on the skin.

The gum from the trees of apricot found application in medicine - from her produce liquid blood substitute. Additionally, apricot gum is used as the coating, a binding agent.

 A glass of juice of apricot enough to satisfy the daily requirement for vitamins

Useful properties of apricot much, but some of it has contraindications.

Do not eat fruit on an empty stomach, after eating meat and other foods that are digested for a long time - can disrupt digestion.

Fresh Apricot can not have gastrointestinal ulcers, gastritis with high acidity.

The use of apricot with pancreatitis, liver pathologies should be limited. In diabetes, the fruit is contraindicated in any form - contains a lot of sugar.

With a lack of carotene, for its apricot filling it can be used, but it should be remembered that this vitamin is not absorbed in the thyroid gland suppression function. In these cases it is advisable to use the vitamin A in pure form.

Drinking large quantities of fruit - in the amount of 10-15 fruit per day can cause diarrhea. Abuse of dried and fresh fruits rarely but causes a decrease in pressure, respiratory depression, heart rate, dizziness.

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