Natural Greek Yogurt - Recipes and recommendations
 Greek yogurt is a traditional Mediterranean domestic product. He imported many countries and is used both independently and as part of other dishes.

Greek natural yoghurt

The structure of Greek yogurt contains only natural ingredients. This product does not contain any artificial additives. It also completely absent fat and low carbohydrates - 3%, instead there is a record amount of protein - 46%; 25% is the proportion of calcium.

During the manufacturing process used Greek yogurt culture of live bacteria - bifidobacteria and lactobacillus lactic cooks. The product is rich in valuable to the human body with probiotics.

In appearance Greek yogurt is quite unlike the usual yogurt shop us - rather it can be called yogurt cream. Even a small amount of it gives a feeling of satiety for a long period and thus does not cause the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Greek yogurt: recipes and use

There are several varieties of Greek yogurt. They differ in the type of milk used. Along with the traditional cow, it may be sheep's milk or goat. Having achieved the desired consistency of the yoghurt, the substrate is filtered to remove from it the serum. The resulting creamy product is ready for use. Its flavor is at once similar and yoghurt and soft cheese with a thin sour.

Today, the industrial production of Greek yogurt established in many countries. It is sometimes achieve the desired consistency, using thickeners and stabilizers, which is unacceptable in an authentic product.

Greeks themselves prepared him a popular national dish called "dzadzyki": cucumbers mixed with minced garlic and seasoned according to the recipe, Greek yogurt. Sometimes it is added to taste lemon juice, olive oil, herbs, olives or olives. Serve this delicious dish with tortilla bread, or as a sauce for the main course.

It is also added to the meat and dough for pies. Greek yogurt can be simply spread on bread - perfect hearty and light dinner, as well as use any dishes and dressings instead of mayonnaise. To vary the taste of the product can be added to it honey, cinnamon, flax seed, fruits or berries, garlic, herbs, spices.

Low-calorie natural Greek yogurt is almost indispensable in the diet of people who are watching their own weight, because the digestion of large amounts of protein takes more energy. It is proved that if within 4-5 months include regularly in your diet, this is a great product, it is possible to lose more than 20% of its own weight.

 Greek yogurt - reviews and tips
 Part of the Greek yogurt calcium accelerates the metabolic processes in the body and has beneficial effects on bone structure and protein is necessary for all the vital processes (today its deficiency noted in the majority of women over 40 years old). It's also great to feed people who can not tolerate lactose, since it contains a small amount.

Numerous reviews of Greek yogurt nutritionists rate it as the best food-century. To make it, use only fresh, unpasteurized milk, and a large number of lactic acid bacteria beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, and contribute to the prevention of cancer processes. They improve the quality of the digestive processes, stimulate the immune system and prevents the growth of pathogenic organisms. Shelf life quality Greek yogurt should not exceed 1 month in a refrigerator.