Kiva - an exotic fruit from the Cucurbitaceae family, native to Africa is considered. Today, Kiva  Fruit nods
 It has successfully grown as vegetable crops in Israel, South America, Italy, New Zealand.

Kiva also called African cucumber, apparently the green translucent flesh with seeds, and melon bicornuate - for yellow rind with soft spikes.

The plant resembles nods vine that can be used for decoration infield. Benefits of plants in that it is unpretentious and hardly prone to various diseases, gives a large harvest.

How useful nods

The fruit pulp contains carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, and phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, copper.

Nods at its regular use helps to improve immunity, it is useful core, those who are obese. Calorie nods - only 44 calories, so the fruit as possible can be included in the diet weight loss diet or a medical diet.

Allowed to eat fruits for diabetics, has noticed that if you drink juice with pulp nods during the course of chemotherapy, its side effects on the state of the hair will be less pronounced.

The nods a lot of water, so that it maintains the water balance, and potassium that the fruit contains a large amount of a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.

In general, well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract nods, and, thanks to tissue, stimulates peristalsis, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

You can use the pulp of nods and externally - for making household masks for the skin on the body and face. As a useful complement to the Kiva added honey, sour milk, egg yolk and other nutritious ingredients.

Adherents of traditional medicine in Africa uses the flesh to stop the bleeding, because it has an astringent effect.

How to eat nods?

The fruit is eaten raw, although it is perfectly complements any compotes, jellies and jams. Fans will appreciate the fresh juices juice from the pulp of nods, and it goes well with the juices extracted from the other fruits.

It is noteworthy that due to unexpressed taste, you can eat the flesh of nods sweet, spicy or salty. Therefore, it is prepared fruit salads, desserts and snacks.

By the way, the white fruit seeds nods, as well as a cucumber, you can eat. They are due to an interesting appearance, can be used as decoration delicious sandwiches, jelly dishes.

It is difficult to say what the taste of nods. Those who have tried it in different ways to talk about it. For someone fresh fruit, for someone it is like a cucumber, banana, lime, avocado. To sum up, then nods a little taste sweet, sour.

Ripe  Preparation nods
 better to eat the fruit without cutting them into slices - just divide into two nods, and spoon scoop out the jelly-like contents.

If you got a fetus with a firm flesh, you can prepare a snack: Mix cream cheese with seafood, and add nods - just as decorations. You can do without seafood - cut into pieces a la carte cheese, top with nods flesh with seeds, sprinkle with herbs.

Of course, it is interesting to learn how to eat a nod to his homeland. Try the fruit salad, tomatoes, peppers, radishes, green onions and parsley. All these components are equally cut into cubes, mix with chopped herbs. As a filling you can use lemon zest, lemon juice.

The pulp exotic fruit can also be used for the preparation of cream cake and unripe fruits marinated successful - just like cucumber. The taste is obtained similar, but still unusual.

Harm nods

Not recorded data any serious consequences that arise after the use of nods. As is the case with any other fruit, for the first time to try to nod should carefully - avoid unexpected allergic reactions. Especially so caution should be those who are already suffering from food allergies.