Fish sauce

Fish sauce - a seasoning for the first and second Thai dishes, prepared with salted fish. Compare the popularity of fish sauce in Thailand is possible unless the spread of soy sauce in China or salt in Europe. It is difficult to imagine what would be the world revered Thai cuisine without this spice. Spread the sauce except Thailand was in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.  Fish sauce - spice, especially popular in Thailand

On the face of fish sauce - a reddish-brown liquid, the fragrance she pronounced, sea.

The recipe fish sauce

To understand what can be useful sauce, it is important to know how to receive it. For the production of sauce used so-called "illiquid" fish that is not suitable for implementation because of their condition or sizes, usually fish sauce is 5-15 cm in length. This prerequisite - the fish must be fresh. Thai fishermen salted fish sauce immediately after return with their catch. The only way to ensure that the sauce was flavorful and delicious.

Initially, prepare the sauce used freshwater fish, but today, when the number of its greatly diminished, began to prepare the seasoning of sea fish - mostly anchovies or related fish.

So, according to the recipe fish sauce begin to cook as follows: freshly washed, dried, mixed with salt fish is placed under pressure in large barrels. So that the fish can withstand 9-12 months. The liquid that is poured from barrels a year, and filtered, and there is practically fish sauce. To the characteristic fishy odor is gone, the filtered juice of salted fish is poured into clean barrels, kept in them it is still about a month. The resulting product - the sauce first grade. Sauces second and third grades are obtained after mixing with water fish juice. This sauce is kept low grade much less time - only 2-3 months.

Useful than fish sauce?

If we talk about a product of higher grades, then it contains vitamins of the B group, responsible for the metabolism, visual function, the production of hemoglobin, the condition of blood vessels, skin and microcirculation.

In addition, the fish sauce contains proteins, iodine, phosphorus, iron, calcium.

Fish sauce - used in cooking

Traditionally, the fish sauce used in Thai cuisine for frying fish, meat and vegetables. It is added to the first dish, fill with their salads, prepared on its basis other sauces.

Let us give a few recipes with fish sauce. Try to fill the seafood salad or vegetables, and meat fish sauce mixed with chili and lime juice. This dressing is perfect and steamed sea or river fish.

Pure fish sauce goes well with cooked shrimp, eggplant salad.

Of course, it is strongly recommended to use fish sauce first and second grades, because lower quality product can contain dyes, flavor enhancers, sugar.

An interesting feature of high-quality fish sauce - it emphasizes the flavors of food components, but the sauce is almost can not be heard after cooking.  The recipe fish sauce


Fish sauce may not be suitable for those who are allergic to fish, it can not be used for cooking for those who have manifested an individual intolerance of the product.

In order to take advantage of really useful and spicy sauce, you need to know how to choose.

When selecting the sauce should pay attention to its color - it should be, as already mentioned, reddish brown and, importantly, be transparent. If the sauce is cloudy or there are observed impurities, then, before you shoddy or stale sauce.

What else is important to know the hosts, who have decided to learn the basics of exotic Thai cuisine: Contrary to expectations, the fish sauce smells like fish. So if your dish will start to give the fish smell, change the sauce.