Tofu - a product produced from soybeans. "Meat without bones" or "bean curd" is the main  Tofu - product from soybeans
 source of protein for people in China and Japan, as well as fans of Asian cuisine. Due to the almost total lack of taste tofu is widely used in cooking, as a versatile ingredient in many dishes.

Production of tofu

The process of manufacturing tofu generally resembles the manufacture of cheese from milk: fresh soymilk derived from soybean (or soya powder) is heated, after which it coagulates and filtered. Coagulants are added to the mixture (thickening agent) - lemon juice, vinegar or Nigar, then the resulting product is pressed and packed into dense briquettes.

There are three main types of tofu, the difference of which is associated with a protein content: land and denser than cheese, the greater its proteins. This option tofu called "Western", the consistency of such product recalls cheese "Mozzarella".

Asia prefers to eat more bland and watery tofu, called "cotton". Usually used for the preparation of soups.

And the third kind of tofu - "Silk." The consistency is more like a pudding, and is an integral component puree, steam dishes, soups, sauces and sweets.

Some manufacturers add the tofu seasonings, herbs, mushrooms, nuts and other additives - they bring to syrspetsifichesky taste, however, the product thus loses its neutral properties.

Use tofu

Due to the fact that in our country there is practically no culture of eating tofu, few people know that soy is a rich source of protein that is identical to the animal, being an indispensable product in the diet vegetarians. Soy contains all desyatnezamenimyh amino acids, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body, surpassing the protein content of beef, eggs and fish.

Noteworthy is the fact that if an animal protein digested increases the cholesterol level in blood, soybeans, in contrast, reduces it to 30%. Thus, the use of tofu is obvious: regular consumption of this product can reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Tofu is very easily absorbed by the body and, therefore, ideal for people with poor digestion. In addition, soy products - a great help for athletes involved in building muscle mass.

Speaking about the benefits of cheese  Tofu in the pack
 tofu not to mention the importance of the product as "bean curd" displays the body of dioxin poison that causes the occurrence of cancer. For this reason, tofu entered kindergarten in the daily diet menu in Japan.

The product is a source of iron, calcium and dietary fiber, improves kidney function, promotes the dissolution of gallstones.

In addition, tofu is a provider of phytoestrogens - substances similar in effect to the female sex hormone. During menopause, when the body stops the production of estrogen, phytoestrogens make it possible to restore the hormonal balance, slow down the aging process, protect women from breast cancer.

Calorie tofu

Calorie tofu is only 73 kcal / 100 g product, which allows the product to include in the menu of people who adhere to the diet.

Preparation of tofu

Despite the almost complete absence of self-vkusasyr tofu has been successfully used as an additional component to a variety of dishes. He's like a sponge, it absorbs the taste and aroma of neighboring products and blends with any ingredients. It can be fried, smoke, cook, bake and eat together with herbs and fruits - in any kind of tofu is on top!