Chacha is a traditional Georgian alcoholic beverage, which refers to the type of grape brandy category.  Chacha - Georgian alcoholic beverage

Composition Chachi

Traditional chacha made from grapes with the addition of 60% alcohol. In Georgia chacha made from tangerine, plum, fig and mulberry fruit, but the classic drink must be made from grapes of Rkatsiteli.

Start of production of this drink refers to the ancient ages of creation of the Georgian state. This drink is the guardian of family traditions of Georgia and is considered beneficial spirits, and imported as a national vodka.

Preparation Chachi

Vintage recipes Chachi preserved in many regions of Georgia. In the manufacture of beverage used unripe grapes, which are subject to the spin cycle as in the production of wine. The process of distillation is carried out twice, and 70% of the drink is kept in oak barrels and then water was added.

When the stretch Chachi not remove the first and last fractions of alcohol, so the drink is strong, it has a tart taste with grape flavor. Distillation in Chach formed methanol and fusel oil which are to be removed by filtration.

Differences in production technology Chachi occur in regions of the North Caucasus. In Georgia, mainly used grape variety Rkatsiteli, and in Abkhazia using grapes Isabella and Kacic.

In the North Caucasus production Chachi conducted both at home and in specialized industrial plants. Home chacha is a symbol of longevity in the Caucasus and is used in its pure form. Among young people of Chachi popular cocktails with the addition of pieces of fruit and ice cubes.

In winter Georgia home chacha is warming and anti-inflammatory agent. It can be served as a main course, and desserts. Before preparing the beverage are not cleaned grapes and do not remove bone, it crushed in a large container and added to 5 liters of water, and then closed with gauze for 3-4 days. The resulting wort is drained and diluted with sugar in thermal water leaving 6-7 days. Daily drink need to mix and taste.  Recipe for homemade Chachi

The first step is carried Chachi playout in a water bath, and then the second stage cut off all unwanted substances to obtain approximately 5 liters of beverage.

The resulting drink is a fortress of 70%, which can be reduced by adding water.

Useful properties and contraindications

Chacha is considered anti-viral, anti-and anti-inflammatory. With regular use of the drink improves blood circulation, normalizes cardiovascular system and enhanced the process of digestion.

In the Caucasus, chacha consumed as an aperitif, which improves the functioning of the digestive system, normalizes metabolism and increases blood pressure.

Chacha, a strong alcoholic beverage for consumption is contraindicated for people with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, peptic ulcer disease, psychiatric disorders, hypertension, cancer, as well as children under 18 years old, for women during pregnancy and lactation.