Camel milk

Camel milk is traditionally consumed in Central Asia and the UAE.  Camel milk - a traditional drink of Central Asia
 There is a daily product for the preparation of various dishes, as well as a separate drink. The most common of such milk producing all kinds of cheeses, delicious ice cream, traditional milk drinks. Especially popular drinks such as shubat and mare among the Kazakh nomads. They prepare them by adding fresh camel milk to lactic acid starter. The mixture was stored in leather sacks in a warm place for 1 to 3 days, after which the healing and delicious drink is ready.

Camel milk contains in its composition the antibacterial agent to help preserve the freshness of milk, including in hot weather conditions. The bactericidal properties of milk in it prevents the growth of pathogens.

In appearance and taste of camel milk does not differ from the cow, it is white, with a sweet and slightly salty taste, the intensity of which is determined by the animal feed and water quality. Milk contains a fairly large amount of sodium in its composition, so it is good thirst quencher in the hot conditions of life.

In Switzerland, camel milk is used in the manufacture of rare gourmet chocolates and sweets. This chocolate is an interesting and unusual salty taste.

The benefits of camel milk

Camel milk - an important source of animal proteins and fats for the inhabitants of the desert regions. It contains a number of important microelements - calcium, zinc, cobalt, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C and group B. Calcium and Phosphorus strengthens bones and teeth, prevents the occurrence of iron-deficiency anemia, zinc and cobalt are part of vital cell enzymes in the body. Milk from camels strengthens the immune system and overall health.

The camel milk compared to bovine more sodium is 10 times more iron and vitamin C. Also, camel milk has a lower fat content compared to cow and fats it contains a significant proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. Fewer milk sugar - lactase - allows you to include this product in the diet of people with lactase deficiency, which is quite common in the adult population.

Treatment of camel milk

 Camel milk - a cure for diseases of the digestive tract
 The use of camel milk from cancer and leukemia is scientifically sound basis. Thus, in the Cancer Institute in Baghdad, experiments were conducted to study the composition of the milk and isolated the active ingredient, which cleanses the body of compounds provoke cancer. The fact that camels highly developed immune system, it is not only fighting with external infectious agents and foreign substances, but the aggression of the organism against itself. The use of camel milk from cancer has proven effective in clinical practice.

Long since dairy products based on camel milk used to treat tuberculosis and other debilitating diseases of the body, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment of camel's milk is effective in lesions of the pancreas, liver and intestine.

In the case of chronic gastritis camel milk helps stop inflammation in the mucous membrane and normalizes the acidity of gastric juice. Particularly valuable in this respect fresh milk camels that taken in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour before a meal in an amount of 200 ml and an additional 1 - 2 times a day. To the treatment of camel's milk was more effective, should be observed sparing diet on the course of his administration.