Carob is obtained from carob pods - Carob. This evergreen plant usually grows well in a climate of Italy, Spain, Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries.  Carob Carob

Fruits of carob dark brown and shiny, with sweet pulp and hard seeds. The raw pods do not use. If you collect them immature and dry in the sun, they become sweet taste.

The Carob percent less fat but more carbohydrates and calcium. Up to 50% fruit pulp make carbohydrates, which give a sweet taste and make carob easy source of energy. Calcium carob 3 times greater than in cocoa beans, and it is effectively absorbed from the digestive tract. But caloric kerob approaching cocoa beans as a reduced amount of fat carbohydrates compensate its pulp.

According to its properties similar to cocoa carob powder. A small difference is a lighter shade of color powder, and carob sweet taste, so it requires no additional sugar added.

Carob powder is obtained by grinding raw or roasted carob pods. In contrast to the cocoa beans do not contain these pods psychoactive substances (caffeine, theobromine, etc.). Therefore, the use of carob lies in the fact that it is a safe substitute for chocolate with the same taste and color. Present in chocolate caffeine may unduly excite and cause nervousness, heart palpitations. Carob does not have these disadvantages and at the same time gives the confectionery nice chocolate flavor.

Powder from carob pods are used in the manufacture of cakes, cakes, puddings, cakes, and other sweet pastry, as one of the components of the hot and cold beverages, including liquors. The wood of the tree before it was used as a blank for cabinet affairs.  Carob powder

Useful properties of carob

Carob is able to enhance the production of gastric juice, bile and increase appetite. It has a mild diuretic properties, and allows you to fight swelling. Benefits of Carob is also in its vitamin and mineral content - after all, he is a source of vitamins A, B and D, as well as a number of trace elements - iron, magnesium, copper, nickel. Protein in the fruit pulp is 4 - 8%.

Important properties of carob are the lack of habituation and dependence. It does not have phenylethylamine, can provoke a migraine, or hypertensive crisis and fromamina causing allergic reactions.

Carob can be without fear include in your diet for people with diabetes and obesity, as well as pregnant women and children.