Common carp - fish that belongs to the family of carp carps squad. She inhabits freshwater basins of the Black, Azov,  Common carp - fish of the carp family
 Aral and Caspian Seas, as well as in Lake Kapchagay and the Amur River. Power carp varies depending on the time of year. In the spring and early summer the fish prefers young shoots of cattail, bulrush, pondweed, egg capsules and other forms of aquatic plants, can also eat frogs and fish roe. Summer staple food carp up worms, insects, egg capsules, snails, small leeches and crayfish.

Carp - related form of carp, derived using breeding.

This fish has an elongated body, covered with large scales golden yellow with a bluish tint. On the abdomen carp color changes to a lighter and darker shade spin. Each scale is bordered by black stripe, and the base is covered with dark spots. A special feature is the presence of carp dark gray dorsal fin with a characteristic strongly serrated beam.

Despite the fact that carp able to live up to 35 years, the growth of the fish is terminated at age 7 years. Its average weight is about 2-3 kg. There are, however, individuals with a length of over one meter and reaches a weight of 25 kg.

Carp. Caloric composition and useful properties

Low in calories fillet carp - only about 97 calories per 100 g of product - an occasion to carry the fish to the products suitable for the diet. In addition, meat carp characterized by high digestibility. It is easily digested by the small amount of connective tissue, which also makes the fish attractive to those whose way of life can not be considered active. This fish contains a lot of protein, which is useful and active loads, and in the period of active growth of the organism.

Meat carp rich in various vitamins and minerals. Thus, in fish high in vitamin A, PP, C, E, as well as vitamins B, in particular thiamine - B1 and riboflavin - B2. Complex macro- and microelements contained in fish consists of phosphorus, iron, calcium, chromium, magnesium, fluorine, chlorine, potassium, sodium, nickel and molybdenum. Also in the carp balanced content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Caviar carp

Tight and shallow, with a characteristic reddish color, carp roe is classified as "white eggs". Due to its low cost, it often counterfeited other products in this category.

This caviar carp - a true delicacy that consumed along with finely chopped onions in a paste, add in butter and cream sauce with fish.

It spawns carp  Caviar carp
 from April to June, about the vegetation in the area of ​​coastal waters. Coming of age for spawning is considered the age of 3 to 5 years.

On the table of the consumer carp roe gets after a long treatment, which involves salting and pasteurization. The duration of storage without the loss of useful and high palatability in the manufacture in compliance with the required regulations.

The high content of lecithin, polyunsaturated fatty acids and some vitamins along with dietary properties make carp spawn not only delicious but also very useful delicacy.

Preparation of carp

Carp meat peculiar delicate, slightly sweet taste. Rich and vivid taste of fish is not easy to change even with spices and other ingredients, why carp is always dominant in the dish.

Juiciness, palatability and the rich taste of the fish is almost impossible to mess up, regardless of the choice of the method of preparation carp. The fish can be baked, fried, jerk, stuff, salt and even cook the first dish. Especially popular carp during Lent.

Whichever method of cooking carp is chosen, it is important to clean the fish. Using only fresh carcasses must be free from carp scales, and then through an incision on the inside of the back must be removed to avoid damage to the gallbladder.

Carp. Contraindications

A huge number of useful properties and characteristics of carp fish makes a welcome dish on every table, but its excessive consumption is not desirable. Due to the fact that the fish in the diet is very picky (carp can eat mollusks, worms, insect larvae) and also due to the fact that their habitats are often contaminated ponds, carp body accumulates a considerable amount of harmful substances.

Also, carp is not recommended for use for people with individual intolerance