Catfish (European or ordinary) - big fish belonging to the family of catfish. Benthic habitats are areas of freshwater. Known habitats catfish - Aral, Caspian, Black and Azov Seas. Average fish reaches a length of 3 meters and can weigh up to 150 kg. It is distinguished by the absence of adipose fin and spines on the unpaired fins. The fish is easily recognized by the characteristic mustache, located on the upper jaw.  Catfish - big fish catfish family

The most common catfish painted in brown, shades of which may vary up to a brownish green. In addition, the color of catfish differs in various places of its habitat: the fish can be both black and light yellow. There are also albino catfish, a very rare species of fish color.

The main food catfish are crustaceans, aquatic insects and fish fry. More mature individuals eat live fish, shellfish and other freshwater, rarely - waterfowl and pets. Do not hesitate, however, fish and carrion.

The longevity of the fish rarely exceeds 35 years, although there are centenarians, whose age is estimated in tens of years.

Useful properties, composition and caloric content of catfish

Catfish fillets rich in vitamins C, A, E, moreover, it contains a list of all the vitamins of group B. Also in this river fish contains zinc, magnesium, fluorine, chromium, cobalt, copper, potassium, iron, calcium and manganese.

Due to the content of useful proteins and essential acids (including lysine) catfish dishes are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Calorie catfish while small: 100 grams. Fish contains less than 115 calories. Such calories can be attributed to the category of catfish meat products suitable for power both to those who adheres to a diet and for those who need it, by virtue of activity, increased consumption of calories.

The most popular catfish gained among women who are waiting for the child, parents of young children, and persons with weakened immune systems. High nutritional catfish, a sufficiently low content of calories, as well as the diversity of its composition contained useful elements to help strengthen the body, to restore the energy balance. It was also found that the use of fish in food contributes to the improvement of the skin, hair and nails, and a beneficial effect on the nervous system.  Fried Catfish

Cooking Catfish

Fresh catfish carcass, except the taste and energy qualities, has excellent properties that will appreciate any hostess: the skin is easily released from the fish scales and meat bones are virtually absent. Of course, these fish can be prepared in minutes. It's enough to gently disconnect the head and fins of fish from the body and belly gut, and then can only be cut into pieces of catfish.

The smell of ooze, which often accompanies the catfish and causes of failure of its consumption, can be easily remedied, sustained fillets in lemon juice for half an hour or in the milk for a few hours.

Another useful feature of the fish that the caloric content of meals based on it can be varied. The fat content of the fish unevenly so that the tail part contains more calories, more nutritious, juicy and fat than the head area. Because the tail is recommended for the preparation of sturgeon, catfish pies. The head of the fish is suitable for the preparation of nourishing soup, and the rest of the carcass are obtained very tasty chops, stew, kebabs and other dishes. Varies calories with catfish and depending on the method of preparation: those who follow the consumption of fat and calories, it is recommended to cook the fish for a couple, baked without oil or boiled. The rest you can enjoy fried catfish with sour cream, vegetable oils and sauces.