White cheese

Useful properties of cheese

White cheese - a fermented milk product, which is prepared by fermentation of milk rennet.  White cheese

Traditionally used for making cheese from sheep's milk, but goat's milk is allowed to use or cow. Home cheese as possible prepared using rennet real - part of the stomach of goats, sheep or cows. In large productions and when the feedstock is not available in natural form, is used to ferment rennet powder or tablets.

Cheese cheese is considered the most useful of all known to us. Its useful properties due to the cheese retains features of production. For its preparation it takes only fresh milk, preferably a high fat content. Heat-treated milk is subjected, after rolling by enzymes it is kept in the brine. It is believed that to maintain the cheese in salt solution should be not less than 20 days, but has the best taste cheese that salted for 60 days. The longer the cheese insisted, the saltier it tastes.

In home cheese, or prepared in a production environment, but according to the technology, in particular, without the addition of vinegar contains vitamins B, E and A, as well as calcium, fluorine, phosphorus and protein. The presence of these trace elements, and due to the healing properties of cheese: with regular use of brine cheese structure and change the color of skin, improved digestion and stool stops the growth of bacteria that causes rotting of the intestinal contents.

It is believed that calcium, preserved in the feta cheese after processing of milk is absorbed much better than cheese, so cheese is useful for children in period of growth since Calcium is important for the correct formation of dental bone. Total cheese 100g can provide a person the daily norm of this trace element. Home cheese is recommended to use as the elderly, pregnant women, nursing women.  Cheese cheese is considered the most useful of all known to us

Calorie cheese prepared from cow's milk - 260kKal, fats it contains about 26g to 100g. Calorie cheese from sheep's milk 50% fat - 370kKal.

To name a dietary product that is difficult to cheese and those watching their weight, you should limit the use of cheese, but those who are actively involved in sports, or health needs in high-calorie diet, calorie cheese, its fat content and protein content are welcome.


The cheese, given the peculiarity of its preparation, contains a lot of sodium, potassium, and virtually none, so it is not recommended to use constantly those who have discovered the disease of the nervous system, pancreas, bile ducts, detected pathology in the stomach, kidneys, liver.

In order to remove the excess salt from the cheese, its board after buying one piece soak in cold water immediately before use, or small portions of 70g to withstand a couple of minutes in boiling water.

An important health is the correct storage of cheese. In the refrigerator of the opened package cheese can be stored for more than three weeks. Well, if it is stored in its own brine, if this is not possible, the cheese is wrapped in plastic wrap or foil.

Do not buy cheese, which was formed at the edges of the crust - it is overripe product that is durable and properly stored.

What else is important - not characteristic Brynza holes on the cut. Properly prepared pickled cheese should be dense and smooth, without a sharp odor, with a creamy sweet taste.