A Hen

Chicken is popular because of its taste and beneficial properties of low-calorie.


 Chicken - the most common poultry
 Chicken - a chicken, a chicken carcass and all its component parts. It is impossible to say with certainty when they started domesticating chickens. According to some sources, the first chickens appeared about 2000 BC in India. Other sources say that the domestic chicken has existed 6000-8000 years BC, in South-East Asia, and especially in China. And now the wild chickens populate the territory of China, Indochina, Indonesia, the Philippines and India. It is believed that the ancestors of chickens began bankivskie chickens, a native of Asia.

To date, the chicken - the most common poultry. It is grown in almost all countries of the world. The largest producer of chicken meat is considered to be Brazil and the United States.

To get the chicken, poultry need to grow in the home or factory conditions. Those birds that have reached the age of maturity, subject to slaughter, scalding and plucking. Completely stripped of feathers bird chicken ready for cooking and subsequent use.

Average weight chicken carcass is from 1 5 to 5 kg (depending on the species). For example, the carcasses of dwarf breeds can weigh and 0, 5 kg. Fresh bird has a slightly yellowish or white skin, well-formed muscles, meat pale pink and rounded breast. A young chicken is tender white skin, and her legs are covered with small scales. The old hen has yellow skin, and on his feet are large growths and large scales.

In cooking, the chicken is used for hot and cold appetizers, first and second courses. Mostly used meat meat breeds of chickens (there are also obschepolzovatelskie, meat-egg and egg breed).

To prepare the broth and soups make better use of the carcass of the old chicken broth then get fragrant and nourishing. A frying cutlets and chops the meat better suited the young birds as it is gentle and soft, well-roasted.

Carcass loin, leg and thigh was used to prepare croquettes, cutlets, chops, salads, stews, cakes, aspic, pilaf, aspic, soufflé and various semi-finished products. Offal (liver, heart, stomach) and chicken backs used to prepare pickle, thistle, borscht, soups and broths. Chicken skin is used for baking stuffing (pasta, potato, mushroom, chicken), and fat, which is cut from the abdomen, is used for frying and add to the pate. A popular dish is also a whole bird chicken baked with spices and chicken hot or cold smoked.

The composition and caloric content of chicken

100 g raw chicken meat contains 74 86 g water, 23 g protein 2, 0, 98 g of ashes, 1, 65 g of fat; vitamins retinol, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, tocopherol, choline, phylloquinone; macronutrients phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium; trace elements: selenium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese.

Calorie Chicken is 108 kcal per 100 g

Useful properties of chicken

Due to the low calorie chicken has excellent dietary properties, so is perfect for people who want to reduce body weight, as well as for patients with peptic ulcer, diabetes, gout. Due to the high content of vitamin B6, glutamine and protein chicken good for the heart, it strengthens the body and stimulates the central nervous system.

Useful properties of chicken are also in the prevention of atherosclerosis and prevents the occurrence of strokes, heart attacks and hypertension. From colds perfect remedy is chicken broth.  Baked chicken carcass - the most popular dish

Contraindications to the use of chicken meat

Due to the content of histamine chicken is an allergen, so sensitive people should consume it with caution.

Keep in mind that chicken meat, subjected to low-quality heat treatment, can become breeding place for Salmonella in humans and cause serious illness of the gastrointestinal tract - salmonellosis.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to abuse smoked chicken, as it promotes the growth of malignant tumors. The reason is that during smoking the amino acid modification and subjected to meat chicken accumulate radioactive isotopes. In addition, in the present conditions often happens that during smoking of meat using substances harmful to the human body: acetone, formaldehyde and phenol.