Chocolate - everyone's favorite sweet product, made from the fruit of the cocoa. The history of this sweet delicacy  Production of chocolate
 It began about 3000 years ago. The first learned to cook a chocolate drink from cocoa beans ancient Aztecs. They called it "drink of the gods."

Chocolate Ingredients

Corn cocoa tree growing in the tropics, are the basis for this sweet product. Cocoa beans according to the quality are divided into two groups:

  • Noble - with a nice subtle flavor and delicate taste;
  • consumer (ordinary) - with a strong aroma and a tart sour taste.

In processing the cocoa beans receive basic meal: cocoa cake, cocoa liquor (liquid weight), cocoa butter. To prepare the goodies using cocoa butter and cocoa mass with powdered sugar. Cocoa powder is made from cocoa cake. There are several types of chocolate black, milk, porous, white, diabetic chocolate powder.

Of all types of chocolate benefit for human body brings bitter chocolate, since it contains little sugar and a large amount of cocoa beans. Making it a useful high amount of flavonoids. They purify the blood and improve its structure.

One hundred grams of dark chocolate contains 6, 2 g protein, 35, 4 g fat, 48 g carbohydrates 2. It also contains 7 4 g dietary fiber, 0, 9 g of organic acids, 0, 8 g of water, 42 g of 6 mono- and disaccharides, 20, 8 g saturated fatty acids, 5, 6 g of starch, 1, 1 g of ashes and 0 8 g of ashes. This product is quite a lot of potassium (363 mg), phosphorus (170 mg) and magnesium (133 mg). There therein calcium, iron and sodium, as well as vitamins B1, B2, E, PP.

Useful properties of chocolate

Dark chocolate stabilizes the pressure of hypertensive patients, a positive effect on tooth enamel and gums. Canadian dentists think unsweetened chocolate in preventing the formation of tartar. An important benefit of chocolate is that it helps to cope with stress. Use of a total of 400 grams of dark chocolate per day substantially reduces cortisol concentration in the blood plasma. Chocolate and benefits in the treatment of severe coughing.

By the beneficial properties of chocolate can be attributed to the presence of antioxidants in it, and in much larger quantities than in green tea and red wine. By neutralizing free radicals, antioxidants maintain normal heart function and prevent premature aging of cells. Due to its beneficial properties, chocolate helps prevent senile dementia and increases the number of blood cells in the blood. The polyphenols contained in cocoa beans, beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, promoting blood flow and preventing the formation of blood clots, thus reducing the load on the serdtse.Etot product activates the synthesis of endorphins, improves mood and performance. Teombrin composed goodies relieves sore throat and headache.

Speaking about the benefits of chocolate in general, it is necessary to emphasize that in our time it is used in cosmetics. Popularity  Chocolate Bars
   use anti-cellulite body wraps, cosmetic preparations for hair care and skin.

Harm chocolate

However, the effect of cocoa on the human body can be not only positive, but also chocolate negativnym.Vred the human body can do only at excessive upotreblenii.Shokolad - a wonderful treat, but scientists argue that the benefit can go only 25 grams of the product, and everything else harm.

Calorie chocolate equals 539 calories per hundred grams of product. Because of the high calorie chocolate contraindicated for obesity. Nitrogen-containing components of this product is harmful metabolic processes. Therefore, considerable harm chocolate can cause the body in diabetes mellitus.