Useful properties of figs

Figs - a subtropical tree fruit mulberry family containing tannins, proteins, organic acids, carotene, ascorbic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sugar. Calorie fresh figs - 74kkal in 100g peeled fruit, and dried - 249kkal. In fresh figs it contains up to 25% sugar, and dried - 40%.

Because of potassium contained in the fruit are known beneficial properties of figs: it expands and relaxes blood vessels, is a good preventive measure for hypertension is useful in diseases of the veins and cardiovascular pathologies.

Besides helping figs cough, constipation, anemia, liver, spleen, heart palpitations.

Also, the fruit affect blood clotting - they contain ficin and so they help with thrombosis.

Famous for its extremely useful properties figs with black skin and white fruit is of interest only as a food product.

Application figs

With a cold as an antipyretic, diaphoretic drink: Tomato broth: two tablespoons of dried figs cooked in 200ml of milk or water. So broth can rinse the throat with angina, it is well relieves inflammation of the bronchi, trachea, larynx, gums.

For the greater good recommend eating figs with milk: 4-5 pound fruits with a glass of milk and drink it means warmed by 2-4 times a day, 100ml. This form is very good figs cough.

Cooked in milk figs accelerate the maturation of festering boils and treat a variety of skin inflammation.

Split and bring stones from the kidney helps the water Tomato, Natural solution, he also eases the pain when urinating. A solution like this: 3-5: Tomato fruit pour 200 ml of boiling water, cook 5 minutes. on low heat, and pulverized. Accepted a day between meals.

: Tomato Leaves wood is also used in medicine. Infusion of them helps with alopecia and vitiligo, two tablespoons tablespoons of chopped leaves pour 400ml boiled water, 60 min, filter and drink for 15 min before a meal to 100 ml 4 times a day.

When abscesses, angina helps infusion of dried leaves Tomato, Natural milk: to 400ml of boiling milk accounts for two tablespoons of leaves. Infusion rinse the throat and make gadgets.

Because of its nutritional value and relatively low caloric figs can be incorporated into the daily diet, it is well absorbed and therefore it can be used throughout the day as a snack. In addition, dried figs, because it contained sugar and pleasant taste can use it as a dessert, and replace them with complex carbohydrates rich in sweets. To avoid damage to figs nutritionists recommend eating it exclusively in the daytime,  Dried figs considered a dietary product because it contains fiber, cleaning the intestines and omega fatty acids
 to 18.00.

In addition, dried figs considered a dietary product because it contains fiber, cleaning the intestines and omega fatty acids help fight the "bad" cholesterol, stimulate brain activity. Choosing dried figs, should pay attention to the whole fruits smooth light colors that are not tightened and deformed during drying.

Harm figs, contraindications to its use

There are no serious contraindications figs, in the absence of individual sensitivity it can be used for a long time that is required, for example, in the treatment of prolonged cough figs, anemia, chronic bronchitis.

Because of contained oxalic acid fruits are contraindicated in gout.

In diabetes, given the high sugar content and calorie content, you can not eat figs.

Harm figs because fiber contained in it can cause those who suffer from acute inflammation of the stomach and intestines.