Lentils - a valuable leguminous drought-resistant crops, including a few species growing  Lentils - a valuable legumes
 in the areas of Minor and Central Asia, the Mediterranean and the Caucasus.

The fruit is a flattened lentil bean shortish, inside which there are three seed. There are four main types of lentils:

  • Brown lentils. The most common cultivar. Before cooking brown lentils typically soaked for several hours and used for soups and pohlebok;
  • Red (Egyptian) lentils. Naturally cleared from the shell, thereby rapidly heat treated. It is used for mashing, thick soups, stews.
  • Green (French) lentils. It represents unripe beans used advantageously in salads;
  • Black lentils. The popular cultivar in the Middle East culture, famous for excellent quality protein.

The history of lentils

Lentils are used as a product for cooking since time immemorial, providing a basis for supply of civilizations of the Ancient World. According to its taste and nutritional qualities of lentils satisfy the needs of all segments of the population: the poor substitute for meat and bread, the nobility - exquisite delicacies. In Russia, lentil dishes enjoyed unprecedented popularity, and from lentil flour baked pastry.

Today, lentil dishes were replaced by other products, becoming exotic for our table. However, this culture continues to grow in India, in the south of Europe and North Africa.

The benefits of lentils

Lentils - a leader on the content of vegetable protein, which is easily absorbed by the body. According to its nutritional quality protein present in the lentils, is not inferior to the protein, part of the meat - in addition, it is completely devoid of its shortcomings.

Use lentils content caused many essential amino acids, such as lecithin - substances necessary for normal functioning of the nervous system, activity of brain cells, liver cells construction, as well as many other functions.

Lentil rich in such important substances for the human body as a soluble fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, iodine, zinc, cobalt, magnesium, boron and others. In addition, the use of lentil is the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

On the basis of lentil grain since ancient times made a drink called "Arabian strengthening," says a panacea for all diseases. Due to the presence in the composition of lentils isoflavones - a unique substance, are not afraid of the heat treatment - the regular use of the product prevents the formation of dangerous diseases such as breast cancer.

It's hard to find a product with such a high content of iron as lentils, the properties of which are really impressive. Eating meals on the basis of culture - soups, pohlebok, cereals, salads allow for the prevention of diseases of the blood, gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, colitis). Introduction of lentils in the daily diet of patients with diabetes provides a natural way to normalize blood sugar levels. Sprouted seeds lentils are a leader in content of vitamin C.

A very valuable feature of lentils - the plant is not able to accumulate a harmful substances (nitrates, radionuclides), so that is one of the most ecologically pure cultures around the globe.

Calorie lentils

Calorie lentils is 119 kcal / 100 g product. Nutritional value of lentils:

  • Belki- 9, 0 g;
  • Fats - 0 6 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 22, 1 year

The glycemic index of lentils - 30. Thanks  Cooking lentils
   low calorie lentils, as well as the presence in its composition of complex carbohydrates (dietary properties of lentils), the product may be included in the program of weight loss of people who are overweight.

Lentils slimming

Lentils - a very useful and satisfying meal, is an integral component of many diets. There are two options for the use of lentil diet:

  • Tough diet. During the day, the food is used only lentil porridge, cooked without salt and oil. During the day you need to drink more water, at night you can drink a glass of kefir. More than 3-5 days to comply with this diet is not recommended.
  • Less rigid diet. When this embodiment is allowed to cook a delicious lentil dishes with oil, vegetables, fruit. Between meals you can drink the water, tomato juice, green tea and yogurt.

Within 1 week lentil diet you can lose 2-4 kg.


This product is contraindicated for people suffering from goiter, gastric ulcer and biliary dyskinesia.

Excessive eating lentil dishes, like all legumes, can lead to digestive disorders, flatulence, flatulence.