Many people find it too oily fish, but the experienced chef is always happy to undertake the preparation of mackerel, for out of it you can create a miracle.

Mackerel belongs  Mackerel - fish of mackerel
 family mackerel genus Scomber. Other species outnumber Atlantic mackerel and mackerel also known as belonging to the order Perciformes. This fish is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be found along the eastern coast, from the Canary Islands and to Iceland, as well as in the Marble, the Baltic, North and Mediterranean seas. On the west coast the fish spread from Cape Hatteras (North Carolina) and to Labrador. During summer migrations fish can be found in the south-west coast of Ireland and the North Sea by the Skagerrak to the English Channel.

Another type of mackerel - Kuril or Japanese - home to Argentina from East to Nova Scotia, as well as the Sea of ​​Japan and North Sakhalin to Australia. Distributed by the fish in the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden.

The average length of mackerel is about 30 cm, but sometimes there are giants of about 60 cm. The fish has a fusiform body and small scales. The back is blue-green color with numerous black bars, slightly curved, no swim bladder.

Mackerel - thermophilic schooling fish. For her, the optimal water temperature is 8-20 degrees Celsius, and she prefers to spend the winter along the slope of the continental shelf at a depth of 150 meters. Mostly pack mackerel fishes are the same size, as in a flock of almost meet other fish species.

Mackerel is a valuable commercial fish, due to the fact that the meat from her juicy and tender. Many feel fresh mackerel too oily fish, which has a pungent smell, so they prefer to confine preserves and canned food from it, or eat it smoked version. However, experienced chefs claim that cooking mackerel able to deliver a true delight. For example, because it is possible to prepare delicious fish barbecue. This fish is not even necessary to marinate, simply sprinkle it with lemon juice. In Italy, often cooked mackerel "nautically" (baked fish with lemon juice, bay leaf, pepper and capers). Popular cooking mackerel and Japan. There it was just fried fried in vinegar and soy sauce, and served with vegetables.

Mackerel perfectly with sourish sauce, such as gooseberry and cranberry. The acid softens somewhat greasy taste of the fish, making it less cloying. Also good mackerel with tomato, onion and white wine sauce.

The composition and caloric content of mackerel

Mackerel - quite oily fish. 100 g of product account for about 13-30 grams of fat. Special fat is different fish caught in winter in northern latitudes. Proteins in mackerel contains about 18 g per 100 g of product. These proteins are classified bystrousvaivaemyh and absorbed by the body almost three times faster than beef.

Despite the high fat content is quite low calorie mackerel and is approximately 200 kcal. So, in order to consume the daily calories, a person is enough to eat 700 grams of fish. However, to do so would be quite difficult, because the above mentioned that, despite the low calorie, mackerel contains a lot of fat.

The apparent advantage of mackerel are its constituent unsaturated fatty acids. They are a valuable product and act as antioxidants, ie contribute to the neutralization of free radicals and strengthen the cell membranes.

The radicals tend to penetrate cell membranes, thereby disrupting their ability to live, which often leads to the emergence of various diseases, especially cancer. Therefore, in order to prevent a person important to consume valuable products, including fish oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids namely.

Also enjoy mackerel is a lot of different minerals. It contains zinc, fluorine, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, manganese, potassium - and that's not all the nutrients that are part of its meat. Are there vitamins PP, A, C, B vitamins, which include vitamin B12 and that participates  Cooking mackerel
 in fat metabolism, it promotes the synthesis of DNA and increases with hypoxia oxygen consumption cells.

Use Mackerel

Thanks to the rich chemical composition of mackerel for the benefit of children is obvious. This is an essential fish for their harmonious and proper development. Also, the fish will be useful for pregnant and lactating women, as it promotes lactation. And for teens, this fish is a valuable product, as in the transition to adulthood is often possible to observe an imbalance between the development of internal and external organs. Mackerel is able to smooth the process.

In addition, due to the high content of phosphorus mackerel is very useful for our musculoskeletal system.

Use mackerel is also to normalize blood sugar levels, reduction of carcinogenic substances in the cells, improving immunity, preventing cardiovascular problems, hormone level regulation, the pressure reduction and strengthening nervous system and the memory, the normalization digestion. And unsaturated fatty acids are very useful for the human brain, especially spinal, hair, skin and mucous membranes.


Boiled mackerel has virtually no contraindications, but smoked, salted or contraindicated for people with heart disease and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Due to the high fat content of mackerel is contraindicated for people with chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys.