Marjoram - a herbaceous plant of the genus Origanum, has a pleasant spicy scent. In the wild grass  Leaf marjoram
 It grows in Asia Minor, North Africa, and as a spice grown in Western Europe and India.

Useful properties of oregano

The above-ground parts of the plant are found carotene, ascorbic acid, rutin, pectin and tannins.

Folk and official medicine known medicinal properties such marjoram - antibacterial, sedative, expectorant, analgesic.

Used for medical purposes like grass and essential oils of marjoram.

It has been observed that the oil relieves spasms of blood vessels, eliminates headache, toothache, helps with diseases of the digestive and respiratory, with bile stasis, edema caused by neuralgia and osteochondrosis, gout, varicose veins, kidney disease, liver, allergies, colds, flatulence .

Oil plant doctors recommend the use of people who suffer from diabetes or have suffered a heart attack.

This property marjoram, as the ability of its oil has a sedative effect and is used for the treatment of emotional and mental disorders, neurasthenia, insomnia.

Application marjoram oil aromatherapy herbs in it helps to relieve fatigue, raise vitality.

Application marjoram

In folk medicine used grass, collected during flowering.

Tea made from herbs, helps with poor appetite, headaches, intestinal cramps, flatulence, including in young children, diarrhea, menstrual pain.

To prepare the tea pour one or two teaspoons of herbs 250 ml of boiling water, insist 5 minutes, and then strain and drink. Allowable marjoram tea per day - one or two cups. Drink small sips a drink is recommended.

Traditional medicine also known beneficial properties of the herb marjoram ointment.

If the child is worried about intestinal colic, you can rub it with ointment area around the navel. Within 10-20 minutes, the child feels better.

For the treatment of rhinitis can also be used marjoram ointment: it lubricates the nasal passages inside and outside, slightly rubbed into the skin.

Ointment can be bought ready-made at the pharmacy, or make your own: take one teaspoon of grated herb marjoram, pour her wine with alcohol (a teaspoon), insisting for several hours, add a teaspoon of fresh unsalted butter. The resulting mixture was heated on a steam bath for 10 minutes, then cooled and filtered.

In addition, the ointment of the herb marjoram can be used at a cold and flatulence, it is seen that it helps with pain caused by strains, sprains of limbs, wounds and abscesses, rheumatic diseases, varicose veins.

Marjoram oil is used for rubbing, massage, compresses, inhalations.

For the massage and rubbing oil is added to the basic agent at 6 and 10 drops respectively, per 10 grams of substrate.

for  Packing marjoram
 hot inhalations for colds drip 2-3 drops of oil in a container of hot water. It lasts inhalation 4-5 minutes.

Bath oil marjoram restore power. For making toning bath was added 4-6 drops of oil in water.

Beauticians to soften calluses and rough skin on your feet is advised to do oil applications. Mix 3 drops of almond oil with 5 drops of Majorana oil, apply the mixture on the roughened skin, while gently removed through the softened calluses.

The healing properties of marjoram manifest and internal use of essential oil of herbs: mix 2 drops of olive or sunflower oil with 1-2 drops of oregano oil, dripping the mixture on bread and eat. Take oil thus 1-2 times per day. The treatment helps to eliminate stagnation of bile, intestinal colic, vascular spasms.


Marjoram and tea from herbs contraindicated in pregnancy, allergies to plant.

People with low blood pressure should be used with caution marjoram oil and tea for treatment.

It is also found that the prolonged use of large doses marjoram depressing nervous system, causes headaches.