Oats - is an annual crop, belonging to the family of grasses.

The healing properties of oats used in folk medicine, homeopathy, making of it decoctions and infusions. Most often used for the treatment of ordinary oats.

It is recognized and official medicine the plant out of it produce alcohol tincture, which is prescribed as a sedative.

The beneficial properties of oats

Oats are used to treat, because it has tonic properties, helps with mental, physical fatigue, is a good prevention of thrombotic events, starts the metabolism, stimulates the cardiovascular activity and the immune system, improves digestion.

There are also sudorific and diuretic properties of oats, it is used for insomnia and neurasthenia, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, cholelithiasis, tuberculosis and other diseases of the lungs, shortness of breath, bronchitis.

Oats Treatment is prescribed for gastrointestinal diseases - it envelops and does not irritate the intestinal mucosa of the stomach, so it is recommended when the intestinal atony, ulcers, pancreatitis, flatulence, gastritis, colitis. Cooked oatmeal broth helps with diarrhea and other digestive disorders.

Porridge oats, with oil has a mild laxative effect, improves peristalsis and is extremely useful for large intestine. The broth is made from oats give children with diarrhea to strengthen the body.

Outwardly oats is used to treat skin, head and body: take it in and make masks.

Broth from unripe oats and green stems from its anti-inflammatory effect and, therefore, it is taken in the joint inflammation of rheumatoid nature.

Slimming oats effective because it restores the lipid metabolism, eliminates toxins. Calorie oats - 300 calories.

Treatment of oats: Recipes

For insomnia, edema caused by kidney disease, bedwetting, mental fatigue, gastrointestinal diseases are preparing a decoction of oats, two cups of raw grain from the husk is washed, pour 1000-1500 ml of boiling water or milk, boil for two minutes on low heat, after Half an hour insist, strain, wring out the oats. They drink a decoction of three p / day before meals (40 min.) For two months. Repeat this treatment oats can be a month, and spend a few such courses.

For those who quit smoking, diabetes, it is recommended to drink a decoction: 100g peeled oat grains soaked in water 4:00 with baking soda, boil for about an hour on low heat. They drink a decoction of three p / day for 30 minutes before eating.

To cure dry cough helps a broth: 100 g of oats and one medium sized onion boiled in a liter of water. Drink a means of spoon 4-5 p / day.

When coughing asthmatic nature makes this infusion: Oat crushed, pour boiling water, stand in a warm place and drink ½ cup 3-4 p / day.

As already mentioned, ready alcoholate on oats known as a good sedative, but it is possible to prepare yourself: oat 1:10 pour vodka or wine alcohol.

Slimming oats can be used as a mono-diet product. For 7-10 days, you can only porridge oats. Cooking can be either cooked at the water or steamed boiling water and insist at least 12 hours. If this mode is difficult to endure, you can sometimes cook porridge with milk or add it dried. Diet allows you to lose up to five kilos per week. It has been observed that after such a course of weight loss improves the skin and the work of the intestine, cleans and cholesterol.

 The broth is made from oats is effective for weight loss
 Oats for weight loss can be used not just dieting. Helps cleanse and lose weight at the same time this recipe: oats in an amount of one half-liter jars washed well with (at least two or three times in warm water), poured into an enamel bowl, fill with 3 liters of water. Put the pan over high heat, tightly closed. Once the water begins to boil, the fire must be reduced, and so boiled oats about 3 hours. After all this cooking oat grains should reveal if this did not happen, you can boil them 5-7 minutes more. When grain unfold, remove the pan, give a broth to cool, pour into a clean container, and the remaining grain crank through a meat grinder, squeeze, and the resulting liquid is added to a container of basic broth. In addition, the resulting broth is necessary to add a liter of clean boiled cooled water and put a container of broth in the refrigerator.

They drink a decoction of oats during the day in small sips in any amount, but be aware that decoction should be enough for two days. Drink warm broth is desirable, so before drinking it warm in a water bath. The course of such a cleansing treatment oats lasts about three months. The urine is 2-3 days may be red, this is a normal reaction that will pass in a few days. 8-10 day, judging from the reviews already seen as showing detoxification properties of oats and toxins out.


Precautions should take remedies from oats those who suffer cardiovascular, renal failure, increased acidity of the stomach, gall bladder, liver, hypersensitivity to oats.

Exceeding the optimal dosages of therapeutic agents from oats can cause severe headaches.