Useful properties of pomegranate

Pomegranate - the fruit of the pomegranate tree, widespread in the tropics and subtropics. Season Grenade in Central Asia and the Caucasus usually begins in early October and continues until the end of November. Pomegranate fruits are well preserved at room temperature for a month. Ripe fruit should be large, hard and heavy, and the peel should have a crack. Extend the season grenades possible, saving them in the form of juice. Pomegranate juice can be stored throughout the winter in the refrigerator while it retained all the useful properties.

The taste of sweet and sour pomegranate. The sweetness of the fruit attached to monosaccharides - fructose, glucose and sucrose, which typically make up the fifth part of the entire mass, astringency - contained in the pulp tannins. The refreshing taste of a grenade attached to a variety of acids, especially citric. Also, fruits contain boric, tartaric, succinic, malic and oxalic acids, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and polyphenols possessing P-vitamin activity.

To one of the most useful properties of pomegranate include its ability to positively influence the blood and increase hemoglobin. Pulp garnet strengthens blood vessels and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Also pomegranate fruit gently lower blood pressure in hypertension and affect the nervous system.

Fruit and rind of pomegranate have astringent properties, so they are used for diarrhea, colitis and enterocolitis. In folk medicine, the peel is used as the treatment of infectious diarrhea, which causes dysentery bacillus and other pathogens. Pulp Pomegranate has beneficial effects on the stomach, improving the appetite and promoting good digestion.

Also, the beneficial properties of the pomegranate is used for lowering blood sugar in diabetes, it is believed that pomegranate juice is capable to some extent replace insulin.

Organic acids and tannins found in fruits and skins, allow the use of fresh juice or a decoction for treatment of various ENT diseases - sore throat, sore throat, stomatitis or gingivitis.

Pomegranate is recommended to drink in radiation lesions in the treatment of malignant tumors, as well as to enhance the immune system and normalization of hormonal levels.

Useful substances include not only the fruit of the pomegranate. Thus, the peel value of anthelmintic properties that allow members of the chemical composition of alkaloids - izopelterin, pelterin and metilizopelterin. From the leaves of pomegranate prepare tea, a beneficial effect in the gastro-intestinal disorders.

Also useful pomegranate seeds, which contain oils that restore hormonal balance in the body, especially in painful menstruation and menopause. A decoction of the flowers is used as a poultice to relieve the pain of bruises and fractures, and in addition, contribute to the healing of varicose ulcers and bedsores.


In order to increase hemoglobin recommended to drink half a cup of pomegranate juice several times a day. In order to achieve a stable effect is best to drink half an hour before meals for several months on a daily basis. Due to the high acid content of pomegranate juice diluted with water is recommended.

As a means of stress can be added to tea dried membrane of pomegranate fruit. They not only help to calm down, but also improve sleep.

For the treatment of diarrhea and can be used fresh pomegranate juice, peel and dried. For adults it is recommended to take after a meal a pinch of crushed dried peel, and children will be enough diluted in half a glass of juice with water.

For the preparation of anthelmintics 40-50 g chopped peel pomegranate infused 400 g of cold water for 5-6 hours. Then, in an enamel pot boil over low heat until until half the liquid has evaporated. The resulting broth should be cool, strain and drink in small portions over an hour. An hour later, it is recommended to drink a laxative, and after 5-6 hours - do an enema.

In various inflammatory diseases of the liver, kidneys and joints can drink a decoction of the bark of pomegranate. For its preparation  Pomegranate juice - very useful when reduced hemoglobin
 2 teaspoons ground bark is boiled in a water bath in a glass of water for half an hour. Then strain the broth and bring boiled water to the original volume. Drink several times a day before meals for '50

In cosmetology juice from pomegranate is used for the treatment of acne and for removing freckles and age spots. Whitening facial mask can be used, prepared from a teaspoon of sour cream and pomegranate juice. The mask is applied for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.


Despite a lot of useful properties, garnet has some contraindications. So, there are grenades contraindicated in gastric ulcer and gastritis with high acidity. In these diseases can be eaten in small quantities only well-ripened sweet fruits. Also, grenades contraindicated with hemorrhoids, fissures in the anus and chronic constipation. If low blood pressure pomegranate juice is recommended to drink no more than a few times a week.