Useful properties of raisins

Raisin grapes obtained by drying various grades, it contains oleanolic and tartaric acids, vitamins, iron, magnesium, boron, cellulose, fructose, minerals, glucose. Calorie raisins - 260-280kkal in 100g.

Despite the fact that the dried grapes, raisins it retains useful properties. It is useful in anemia, it stimulates the immune system, strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases the hemoglobin, improves vision, helps prevent osteoporosis and to properly absorb calcium, beneficial effect on the nervous system, lungs, heart.

Useful properties of raisins are most pronounced in the fruit of a dark color. The reason is that the useful dark grapes white, it has more antioxidants, vitamin C and other beneficial trace elements.

Application raisins

Regularly eat raisins show anemia patients suffering from digestive disorders, renal function in fatigue, and excessive exercise.

To maintain the health of the heart muscle is recommended to take raisins under the scheme: two kilos of dried seedless grapes are washed and dried. One kilogram eat this way - 40 pcs. on an empty stomach in the morning, followed by a second kilogram of dried fruits eat DESC: 39, 38, 37 pcs. per day, etc. Such prophylaxis is useful to twice a year.

In order to strengthen the heart muscle and help twisted through a meat grinder raisins and nuts. Their advice to consume at least once a week. Given calorie raisin, this tool can not be abused those who have weight problems

When you cough, increased pressure, sore throat, pneumonia, bronchitis helps decoction of raisins: 100 g dried fruits boiled in 200ml water for 10 minutes. Take a drink strained four times a day for 60-70ml.

Runny nose and cough good treats onion broth with raisins: 100g raisins scrolled through a meat grinder on fire in tantalized 200ml water, then add a spoonful of onion juice. Take this decoction of 100ml every day to improve.

The broth is made from oats, honey, cranberries and raisins helps with diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, to eliminate fever. For the broth will need 100g cranberries, 100g raisins, oats 250g, 40g of honey and half a liter of water. All ingredients except the honey, mix, pour in water and heated, bring to a boil. The broth is then put on the 3h. in a warm place, add honey. Take the "medicine" warmed slightly, 3 times a day.

Cholagogue decoction of dried fruit helps those who suffer from frequent heartburn, belching and nausea due to the stagnant bile: 100g seedless raisins pour boiled water, insist 24 hours. Drink this infusion fasting, raisins to eat. Two hours after taking the broth below the right side should be kept warmer and bed rest. Carry out the procedure once a week for 30dn. This ensures that the flow of bile and liver ducts cleaned.

During epidemics helps fortifying agent of raisins, nuts, lemon, dried apricots and honey. Prescription charge of 100g of raisins, walnuts, apricots, one large lemon and honey 150g. The solid components of mince, pour honey. Take it fortified by means of a teaspoon in the morning. This medicine will also help in the arrhythmias, low hemoglobin. Giving children and it can be, but only after 3 years.

 Runny nose and cough good treats onion broth with raisins
 It helps dried grapes and for external applications: help to cure ringworm rubbing of the skin of patients with sliced ​​raisin.

Before use, it is important to rinse the raisins. It is desirable to first wash, then soak in slightly heated water for 30 minutes and rinse again. This way you can avoid falling into the food sulfur dioxide, which is often treated with dried grapes.


Calorie raisins does not allow them to abuse, in addition, because of the sugar content, it is contraindicated in diabetes, obesity. In an extreme case, in these diseases can be slightly welded raisins on fire.

It is also desirable to use raisins gastrointestinal ulcer, enterocolitis, ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity, in an open form of tuberculosis, acute heart failure, allergies.