Savoy cabbage

 Kochan savoy cabbage
 Savoy cabbage has its origins in the Mediterranean wild species of cabbage, which were particularly common and popular in Western Europe and the tribes of North Africa. This type of cabbage in Russia are quite rare and grows mainly in the suburban land.

In contrast to the kind of cabbage, savoy cabbage has a more curly and corrugated sheets, but also contains large amounts of protein and vitamins. This variety of cabbage has a pleasant taste and high useful properties, both fresh and stewed and boiled.

In the food consumed leaves and head of savoy cabbage. Kochan contains about 4% of protein, approximately 3-5% sugar, 1% of mineral salts, up to 90 mg of vitamin C.

Properties savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage has many useful and healing properties. The leaves of the cabbage contains nitrogen, mustard and various biologically active substances. Along with mineral salts, carbon, and potassium, in the cabbage 20% more fiber than in other types of cabbage.

Most favor savoy cabbage has when used as a dietary product that is easily digested by the body and enriches it with nutrients and vitamins. It consists of up to 40 mg of vitamin C, vitamin E 5-8 mg, about 3 mg of vitamin K and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and carotene.

The leaves of savoy cabbage calorie (an average of 100 grams - 40 calories), and contains a part of mannitol, a substance is a natural sweetener.

Grades savoy cabbage

 Salad savoy cabbage
 There are several basic varieties savoy cabbage with the most pronounced beneficial properties and high content of vitamins. These include:

  • Alaska - hybrid variety of mid and late type. Vitamins A and C, riboflavin, iron and phosphorus, carotene and thiamine.
  • Tasmania - middle-hybrid type with a high content of mineral elements, vitamins E and phosphorus.
  • Vienna - an early variety of small size with small leaves. This cabbage is the most succulent and easily digestible. Good for dietary intake.

Disease Prevention

Medicinal properties of savoy cabbage proved by various international medical research. According to the results of studies it has found a unique preventive properties savoy cabbage, directed against the formation of cancer cells. Phosphorus consisting cabbage suspends negative processes in DNA molecules.

Doctors recommend to use this product to patients with disorders of the digestive system, diseases of the circulatory system, hypertension. Also savoy is used for prevention and treatment of various diseases and pathologies of the digestive system.

Savoy cabbage is a natural diuretic and bactericidal agents, antioxidants and plant-rich composition of vitamins.

Especially useful this type of cabbage children and the elderly, who need the vitamins and mineral components. Savoy cabbage increases appetite, strengthens the protective function of the body and restores the immune system, improves the functioning of the nervous system, stabilizes blood pressure.


Contraindications for use savoy cabbage are idiosyncrasy, since the operations on digestive organs, the liver disease, intestinal obstruction, gastritis and colitis.

It is not recommended to include in the diet of Savoy cabbage at an exacerbation of duodenal ulcer and gastric hyperthyroidism.