Sbiten is a traditional Slavic drink, which is made from honey, water, spices and herbs.

Provenance sbitnya

 Sbiten - Slavic mead
 The first mention of Sbitnev were recorded in ancient chronicles, dated 1128 year. Sbiten got its name from the method of preparation, whereby in separate vessels pressed grass and honey, and then they were mixed and water was added. By its consistency, this drink is concentrated thick liquid of a few basic ingredients.

The Slavs called this drink digest or pitch, in preparing its samovars and serve as a hot drink. In the 13th century began to add sbiten St. John's wort, peppers, sage, mint, bay leaf and ginger. The drink was considered medicinal and useful in the treatment of colds.

In the 16th century Domostroi been described in detail various recipes brought down, its composition and properties.

Since 1917, the drink lost its popularity until the 1990s, when he began his attempt to popularize the revival and in Eastern Europe.

Preparation sbitnya

There are several basic ways to cook brought down, which differ in ingredients and process used. The recipe can be varied by different kinds of spices and herbs used St. John's wort, cinnamon, chilli, coriander and ginger.

There are simple ways to prepare custard brought down.

Custard sbiten the process of fermentation, and as the main ingredients, 100 g of honey, home-made beer, yeast, vinegar, herbs (cardamom, peppermint, St. John's wort, cinnamon, ginger, cloves), nutmeg, and 4 liters of water. For water use only enameled ware, which is brought to the boil with honey water and then added 1 of yeast and insist drink for 14 hours. The final stage of the drink are placed in a cool place for several days to the present, and he has acquired a distinctive taste.

In a simple way of cooking in one container is poured 200 ml of water, and another - 800 ml. The first vessel heated with water until the foam honey, and in the second vessel is heated to boiling water with spices. Both containers must be drawn within an hour, and then they are mixed.

From the consistency and correctness of the stages of cooking sbitnya depends its taste and aroma. In addition to adding sbiten spices, it is possible to pour a small amount of fruit juice.

Useful properties sbitnya

Hot and cold sbiten has a variety of useful properties. Benefits brought down high because the components that are included in its composition (honey and herbs).

Hot sbiten has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and warming effect. This drink is suitable as a tonic in winter season.

Cold sbiten is a good drink to quench their thirst in the summer and restore the water balance in the body after intensive exercise and training.  The recipe was brought down

Sbitnya highest good as a tonic, immunomodulatory and reducing the drink after an inflammatory and viral diseases, injuries, bruises and operating procedures.

Honey contains vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and potassium. This component provides improved mental and physical functions of the body, improves the condition with anemia, cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, flatulence and skin rashes.

Cloves and cinnamon in Sbitnev normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels, have antifungal activity, and cardamom and mint to improve the condition of the nervous system.


Sbiten contraindicated for use if you are hypersensitive and predisposition to allergic reactions to its components. Also, this drink is not recommended for people with lung diseases, serious violations of cerebral circulation and severe diseases of the digestive system.

Sbiten is a high-calorie drink, which can not be included in the diet menu.