Shad is a family of Antarctic fish and nototenevidnyh squad percoid found in northern waters with low temperature. Exist  Shad - Antarctic fish family nototenevidnyh
 More than 60 species of rockcod, united in 15 genera.

This fish mainly happens bottom and bottom type.

Biological characteristics and distribution

In rockcod wide area of ​​distribution. This fish lives in Antarctica, on the northern borders of the Southern Ocean, the Falkland Islands, off the coast of New Zealand and South America.

Shad comes from the bottom fish, which has no swim bladder. In the course of evolution, this fish has changed and acquired a swim bladder degree intramuscular lipid bag. Typically rockcod has from 40 to 50 vertebrae.

Like other Antarctic fish species, Shad has a special substance in the blood that allows it to not freeze at extremely low temperatures. In the blood of fish contain glycoproteins which are compounds of sugars and proteins, preventing the formation of ice in its body. Other means of adaptation to cold water are a low number of red blood cells and high speed circulation of the blood system.

The most valuable find rockcod, which lives in the ocean and is called the Antarctic toothfish. The body of this fish is long, Scales cycloid, small mouth and rolled with a weak upper jaw, teeth are small bristles conical shape and gill membrane is folded. Caudal rockcod-toothfish goes into several beams.

Useful properties rockcod

Use rockcod high, thanks to its content of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of this fish allows for the prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

This fish contains amino acids (lysine, phenylalanine, leucine, etc.) that normalize the functioning of the nervous system and improve mental processes in the brain.

By use rockcod similar to meat (pork, beef) and has the same taste properties, as well as it contains a large amount of protein and fat. This relates to fatty fish species with a high content of fatty acids and it contains vitamins B, D, C, A and PP.

The composition notothenia includes minerals such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. These substances strengthen the bone structure and increase the protective functions of the organism. The flesh of fish contains manganese and iodine, normalizing metabolism.

Calorie rockcod

Rockcod  Preparation rockcod
 Fish is average calorie content, which may be part of a dietary menu.

Caloric notothenia is 148 kcal., And also in fish contains 15 g protein, 9 g fat and 73 g water.


Shad is well suited for stewing, frying and baking in the oven. For a given frying fish should be used with nonstick skillet and add a small amount of olive oil.

High taste has rockcod, grilled in the culinary sleeve fried or baked.

Contraindications rockcod

Shad is a fatty fish, which should be restricted to use in the overweight and subject to rigid dietary menu. When the rockcod in fortifying salt-free menu is best to bake the fish in the culinary sleeve to keep its useful properties.

This fried fish should not be eaten for people with severe diseases of the digestive system, diabetes, kidney and liver failure, gout and cholecystitis.