Shallot is an herbaceous biennial plant, which is considered the birthplace of Malaya Asia.

shallot  Oblong shallots
   It has a very rich and sweet taste, somewhat similar to the taste of garlic. But unlike the latter, it is much easier to digest and does not have much impact on the freshness of breath.


Shallots bulb has an elongated shape and small size. Husk grayish or reddish. Unlike traditional bow shallot it has a gear, not concentric structure. If the bulb to clean, it will break up into several cloves (usually 2-3). The recipes usually indicate precisely the number of teeth, not bulbs.

Useful properties and caloric

The onions shallots contains large amounts of flavonols that have powerful antioxidant properties and protect the human body from the occurrence of cancer. In addition it includes 2, 5% protein, 0, 1, and 16% fat, 8% carbohydrates, and various vitamins and minerals. 100 Calories, 0 g shallot is 72 kcal. In folk medicine, it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent.

How to choose a shallot?

Currently in supermarkets to buy shallots can be at any time of the year. But the most delicious shallot is bought in the summer months. Buying shallots, choose small in size, but at the same time heavy and strong bulbs. They should be dry and hard enough. You should not have to buy sprouted bulbs because they are already old and is a taste of their sharper sharp.

How to store shallots?

Try to buy shallots in small quantities, it is as much as you need for cooking. If you bought more, store it in a dark, dry place where there is good air circulation. Easy to store shallots folded it into a pure nylon tights or stockings, and hung from the ceiling cellar, storage or any other utility room. In this way, shallots perfectly retains all its qualities for six months. Store shallots possible and putting it into the wire basket.

Do not store shallots in the refrigerator, because at low temperatures the bulbs start to sprout quickly and delicate taste of their spoils. The remaining of the cooking chopped shallots can be frozen and stored in the freezer up to three months. After thawing, the flavor is preserved, but lost crispy structure, whereby it begins to resemble stewed onions.

If you notice,  Round shallots
 that the bulbs began to sprout, they should as soon as possible to use for cooking. Green pens should be cut off. But do not throw them away! They perfectly replace feathers usual onions.

How to cook the shallots

This type of bow is perfect for a variety of dishes, to which is added during cooking white or red wine, as well as for the caramelization. Perhaps that is why shallot very popular with chefs and used them in many recipes.

Heat treatment shallot should be carried out very carefully and attentively. With strong frying its taste becomes unpleasantly bitter, exactly the same as that of garlic. Right braised shallot is an excellent complement to the duck, fish, veal, beef. It is excellent, and the vegetables - beets, potatoes, white beans, lentils.

Onions Shallots blends well with a variety of spices, but it is best with tarragon, chervil and thyme. The Thai and Indonesian cuisine from a ready-made sauces, served with meat and vegetable dishes. In Malaysia in cooking wok is also used shallots.

Many chefs are advised to bake this kind of whole onions in the oven until onions are tender. Thereafter, they purified from the husk and pounded in a mortar. The resulting puree is added to taste to sauces and soups.