Sturgeon is a family of sturgeon fish can reach a length of 125 cm and weighing 15 kg, but is typically a fish weighing 2-3 kg, has a length of 40 cm. Spawning males begins at 5 years, 8 years in females.

Sturgeon feeds  Sturgeon - the fish, sturgeon family
 invertebrates and other fish roe. In the mid-autumn and all winter fish spends in the pits deep rivers, not eating and taking a sedentary lifestyle. Sturgeon can live up to 30 years.

This commercial fish lives in the river basins of the Black, Caspian and Azov seas and in the rivers Ob, Dnepr, Dvina, Volga, Kama, Irtysh, Oka, Yenisei and Amur.

Useful properties starlet

Sturgeon is a valuable fish, which lives in clean waters, so in recent years its numbers have dropped dramatically. Meat starlet white and has a pleasant aroma and unique flavor.

Use starlet for the human body is high. The composition of fish includes the essential fatty acids Omega-3, which contribute to the proper functioning of the brain and improves blood circulation.

Caviar starlet - a traditional Russian caviar, which is known throughout the world and is one of the most high-calorie fish delicacies. The fish contains beneficial nutrients, vitamins and natural proteins.

Useful starlet caviar helps prevent cardiovascular disease, reduces the risk of heart attack, regenerates nerve cells and restores the heart.

Meat starlet use for the prevention of atherosclerosis, eye diseases and thrombosis. Also in the meat have iodine needed for thyroid gland, and selenium, which is struggling with the adverse effects of the environment and prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

This fish contains large amounts of calcium, which is needed for strong bones, improve mental performance, as well as keeping in good condition of the joints, skin and hair.

Meat and eggs starlet need to eat for people with diseases of the digestive and nervous systems, particularly for depression and nervous disorders. Medical studies have shown that serotonin starlet improves emotional state.

Calorific value

The composition sterlets are water, proteins, fatty acids, vitamin PP, and such nutrients, such as fluorine, zinc, calcium and chlorine.

In 100 gr. Fish contains:

  • 17 c. proteins;
  • 2 c. fats;
  • 0 gr. carbohydrates.

Calorie fresh starlet is 90 kcal.

Preparation starlet

Sturgeon has high taste delicacies and treats, of which prepare culinary masterpieces. Before preparing any dish, clean the fish on the scales and viscera, after putting it for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

There are several  Caviar starlet
 preparation methods starlet. This fish can simmer, boil, bake and cook for a couple. From starlet turns hot and tasty jelly. From boiled fish can be cooked jelly and a good filling for pies, smoked sturgeon and added to salads.

In Russia, it has long been a few recipes starlet. Merchants love gefilte fish with vegetables and Russian monarchs prefer sterlet soup, which was cooked with spices cook for an hour.


Sturgeon is not recommended to use for people with diseases of the pancreas, and adrenal glands, as the fish contains high levels of fatty acids.

Always use fresh fish, as in the long lain starlet can be got worms. Rotten sturgeon is the source of botulism.

If starlet treated with a chemical smoke, it brings serious harm to the human body.

Also this fish in salted contraindicated in people with hypertension, as it increases blood pressure.