Varenets - a fermented milk beverage produced from baked milk. He looks like a fermented baked, but for its preparation  Varenets - fermented drink made from boiled milk
 used as sour leaven, and a cooking recipe Varentsov included cream. Cream gives a special tint product substance melanoidins, which are formed by the interaction of sugar and milk proteins at high temperature.

Varenets traditionally prepared in Russia in the ovens. In a clay pot and pour fresh milk drips in an oven overnight, so it's only languished and evaporates moisture, but not boiling. Milk became thick when it cools to body temperature, the cream was added thereto and placed in a warm place for a few chasov.Varenets obtained dense, so it had to be eaten with a spoon. Modern industrial production varenets slightly different from cooked in the oven, including the consistency - it is more liquid. But its taste qualities are the same as in Varentsov from the oven.

As of cuisine known national-based drinks warm milk, similar in their recipes, for example, matsun in Armenia, Georgia yoghurt, Turkish katyk.

Useful properties Varentsov

It is known that the composition contains about 200 Varentsov various substances positively affecting human health. This dairy product is absorbed by the human body better and fuller than milk, due to partial fermentation of proteins in its composition.

Drink improve the composition of the normal intestinal microflora, since he is a source of useful lacto-and bifidobacteria, which competitively prevent putrid fermentation processes. Furthermore, varenets contains lactic acid and other natural antibacterial substances preventing reproduction of putrefactive bacteria. We know about the beneficial properties Varentsov increase resistance to infectious diseases.

As part Varentsov a lot of calcium and phosphorus, which are very important for maintaining bone and teeth in good condition. In addition, calcium is involved in muscle contraction, a part of a number of enzymes.

Varenets contains vitamins A, B, C, PP, micronutrients (iron, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, etc.), saturated fatty kisloty.Esli consume this milk product on a regular basis, improves overall health, appetite, gastrointestinal tract liver and kidneys. Varenets accelerate excretion of toxins.

For Varentsov characteristic laxative effect, which is used in a complex struggle with constipation. As part of the discharge diet dairy drink that helps to lose weight effectively combat obesity.

Calorie Varentsov

Varenets with  Varenets per pack
 fat content of 2, 5%, which can be bought in the store, has a low calorie - only 53 kcal per 100 g of product, and can be recommended as a diet drink with obesity and overweight. Caloric Varentsov prepared from milk in rural furnace above about 2 times and about 90 - 100 kcal per 100 g

Harm Varentsov

In a useful Varentsov still have a number of limitations in the application. Thus, in case of intolerance of cow's milk can be an allergic reaction to it in the form of punctate or patchy rash and itching and flaking of the skin. Even with the partial fermentation of proteins varenets capable of provoking digestive disorders and allergic dermatitis.

With a lack of the enzyme lactase in the intestine at the use of this product may experience bloating, rumbling flatulence and other symptoms. This is due to the fact that disrupted digesting lactose - lactose, and it starts to ferment in the intestine. People with lactase deficiency recommend varenets exclude from your diet.