White currants

White currants - deciduous shrub of the family of gooseberry with colorless berries. The plant reaches a height of 1-1, 5 meters, in a particularly favorable conditions, it can grow up to 2, 5 meters. It has a strong root system, and in its structure and composition is very similar to red currants.  White currants - Berries are rich in vitamins, fiber and protein

Three-lobed leaves with serrated edges. On the upper side of the leaves is darker than on the inside. Blossoms small green or yellow petals, collected in the brush. Mostly flowering occurs in May and fruiting - in June and July. The fruits are white and slightly yellowish tint, taste sweet and sour, round, diameter 10 mm, hanging hanging bunches.

The most popular and common varieties white currant is a white Versailles. Popular cultivars Smolyaninovskaya, Yuterborgskaya and Dutch.

Like other species, white currant is widely used in cooking. It is added to desserts, cakes and sauces, compotes and cook the jam. From white currants make delicious wine and brandy.

The composition and caloric content of white currants

In berries white currants contain fats, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, di- and monosaccharides. It is rich in B vitamins, vitamins A, E, F, and such microelements as phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Containing it and trace elements - iron.

Calorie white currants is approximately 40 kcal per 100 g of product.

Useful properties of white currants

Despite the fact that white currants found in suburban areas is much harder than red or black, its fruits are very rich in nutrients - vitamins, organic acids, sugars. In addition, in contrast to the black currant, this berry is rich in pectin, a positive effect on the blood and excretes heavy metals.

Berries of white currants do not differ so fragile, like a black currant, so they stay longer in the bush and do not crumble until late autumn. Grow white currants much easier because it is not afraid of drought and brings good results in hot dry summers and rainy weather.

Phytotherapy white currants value slightly lower than the black, since it contains approximately 5 times lower than ascorbic acid. However, the contents of iron and potassium as essential for the vessels and the heart, white currant above.

If we talk about the beneficial properties of white currants, it is a very valuable berry crops.

There is even a belief that you need to put yourself a white currant, for children - red and grandchildren - black. In fact, white currant is particularly useful for small children, as due to the lack of coloring agents, it does not cause allergies, promotes full-fledged work of the heart and improves blood.

Ascorbic acid contained in berries used in humans biocatalyst enzymatic processes. According to scientific studies it has shown that any currant activates the metabolic process in the body after only a quarter of an hour after it was eaten.

Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, stimulates cell metabolism and improves vision. Vitamin A also prevents premature aging of the body and prevents the formation of tumors. Curative effect of this vitamin safeguard the body from the harmful effect of radiation and tobacco smoke.

Useful properties of white currant are also at a high concentration therein vitamin P, which cleanses the blood vessels, making them elastic and normalizes the blood, stimulates the secretion of bile, adrenocortical function and strengthens the liver cells. A combination of vitamin P with ascorbic acid protects against the development of atherosclerosis.  Stewed white currants

High vitamin E content makes white currants virtually the elixir of youth. Thanks to this valuable vitamin currant berries are excellent anti-sclerotic means, slow down the aging process, protects against cataracts, protect against free radicals, as well as significantly improve reproductive function.

B vitamins are involved in the synthesis of protein and fat, strengthen the nervous system and blood vessels of the brain, improve memory and help to better tolerate stress and psycho-emotional stress, which in our time is subject to each person.

The high mineral content makes it useful to use white currants to strengthen the immune system and the heart muscle. Pectin, a part of berries and excrete "bad" cholesterol, purify the blood vessels and is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Pectin can be safely attributed to the antidote as they promote the excretion of harmful substances. And the organic acids contained in white currants, are actively fighting with pathogens of intestinal infections and promote digestion.

So if you eat just one tablespoon of these wonderful berries daily, the beneficial properties of white currants is bound to affect the body. Among other things, these white delicious berries perfectly quench thirst.


Despite the numerous beneficial properties, it has a white currant and contraindications. It is not recommended, for example, to use it for gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.