Whitefish - freshwater fish of the salmon family. Species whitefish: European, Siberian and soregonus albula, which in our country is also known as "Pereslavl herring", although she herrings has absolutely nothing to do, except that looks somewhat similar.  Whitefish - a small freshwater fish


The size of whitefish is 13-20 centimeters. Particularly large specimens can reach a length of 35 centimeters. The shape resembles herring vendace, her body somewhat compressed at the sides, the upper jaw is shorter than the lower, and the lower jaw is present dredging. The body of the fish is covered with large scales, the sides have silver color, the back - blue-gray, belly - white. The fins of a fish in white, except for the dorsal and caudal fin that gray.

Features dwelling whitefish

Whitefish prefers to live in the cold northern waters. Therefore, in Russia it can be found mainly in large lakes, such as Lake Onega, Lake Ladoga, White, Plescheevo, Chud, Pskov. Sometimes it is found in the rivers, and lives in the botanical and the Gulf of Finland.

Whitefish prefers deep areas with clay or sandy bottom. Fish avoid shallow water and warm water. In addition to Russia, can meet whitefish in Scotland, Denmark, Belarus, Germany, Scandinavia, Finland.

It feeds on fish mostly small crustaceans (Cyclops, Daphnia, and others.). To get food, whitefish flocks often comes up at a shallow depth.

The spawning of the fish begins in late autumn or early winter. In the northern lakes fish spawns a bit earlier - in early September, and Chud and Plescheevskaya lakes - from mid-November to mid-December. Whitefish roe from small diameter and is only 1, 5 millimeters, but at the same time, rather large - 3600 eggs in females. The ability to reproduce the fish appears already in the second year of life, when it reaches the size of about 7 centimeters.

The most evil enemy of vendace in the wild is a stickleback, which feeds their young and eggs of the fish.

Despite its small size, the subject is a valuable whitefish fisheries. Preparation whitefish possible in almost any form - fried, smoked, salted. It is also considered a valuable food fish roe.

Catch whitefish using nets of various designs, and hooked the fish comes very rarely. In Russia, the fish is on the verge of extinction due to massive poaching, but in Germany it is diluted in special ponds.

The composition and caloric content of whitefish

The fish contains water, proteins and fats, and minerals: fluorine, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, nickel and histidine, calcium, chromium, chlorine, molybdenum; vitamin PP.

Meat whitefish rich in omega-3 acids, as well as calcium and phosphorus. This combination of calcium absorption takes place with the best return for the body.

Another important advantage of vendace is a high content of magnesium (175 mg per 100 g of product).

Compared with other fish freshwater vendace is quite low calorie, and is up to 78 kcal per 100 g of product. Therefore, the use of whitefish is perfect for dietary menu.

Benefits and properties vendace

As mentioned above, in the present composition rjapushki polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which tend to disintegrate quickly, whereby the fish is a perishable product. The shelf life of fresh whitefish should not exceed one day, and store it in the ice better.

In the 15-18 centuries, whitefish is the privilege of the king's table, meals out of it even have been an integral part of the ritual coronation of king or Muscovy. And, the truth, the nutritional properties of vendace provide nutrition to muscles and heart, and brain cells. The combination of fish meat such elements as magnesium and histidine, stimulate the immune and nervous systems.

And that fish was possible to transport over long distances, it is subjected to a deep freeze that allows for the long term to maintain its useful qualities. The small size of the fish more than offset a small amount of bone - no more than 9%. All useful and nutritional properties of fish retained even if the salted or smoked.

Methods of preparing whitefish

There are a variety of methods for preparing whitefish. Prized she smoked, salted, fresh. From it you can prepare dishes such as "Sprat home of whitefish", "Whitefish marinated", "Whitefish fried with sour cream" and others.  Smoked whitefish

It is this fish is the basis of traditional Finnish dishes - the pie, which is prepared from the fresh fried dough.

And here is one way to prepare whitefish: thoroughly wash the fish, remove her skin and let the water drain out. Put the fish in a saucepan, scald with boiling water and cook for a while, stirring occasionally. When the fish is cooked, cool it. At this time, prepare the filling of the bay leaf, vinegar, finely chopped horseradish and salt (all the components necessary to boil). Put the fish in a clean container and sprinkle with dill, bay leaf, allspice, pour the dressing on top and let stand for several days. When the fish is well soaked with vinegar, giving it the oppression and infuse for two weeks.

Interesting facts about whitefish

The emblem of the city of Pereslavl flaunts smoked whitefish.

Whitefish, which lives in Plescheevskaya lake before entering the menu royal personages and was part of the coronation dinner. In this lake vodilas especially large and fatty fish, which could not catch and sell. In the case of disobedience fishers fish facing the death penalty.

Most Finns favorite fish - whitefish, which is usually prepared on every street festival, pre-roll in flour. Fry it on rep Finnish oil with butter.