Pubis. general information

Pubic bones belong to one of the three bones that form the pelvic bone.  Location pubic bone in humans
 This steam bone consisting of a body and two branches: the upper and lower, arranged at angles to each other. Vertical education, connecting the two upper branches of the pubic bone is called the pubic symphysis or Pubic symphysis. The body of the pubis forms the anterior part of the acetabulum, and its association with branches - the obturator foramen, which is closed by the obturator membrane.

The structure of the pubic bone at several different floors. Thus, the pubic bone in women having best constitution, has the shape of a roller, the thickness of which is approximately equal to the thickness of a thumb. Pubis women constitutes elevation distinctive arc, which hovers above the vaginal entrance, without being an obstacle to sexual intercourse.

Pubic bone in men, combining form podlobkovy corner.

Causes of pain in the pubic bone

The occurrence of pain in the pubis in most cases is caused by pathological processes in the pubic area. Causes of the pubic bone pain are most often:

  • JavaScript pubic bone injuries (one of them or both);
  • stretching symphysis pubis (symphysis) accompanying pregnancy - symphysis;
  • rupture of the pubic symphysis during childbirth - simfizioliz;
  • abnormal development of the pubic bone;
  • bladder cancer (the pain in the pubic area and its constituent bones become "reflected" in nature);
  • pubis bone infections (which include tuberculosis symphysis, osteomyelitis pubis).

Pubis in pregnancy

Often women during pregnancy complain that hurts the pubic bone.

Usually, complaints of this nature occur in the second half of pregnancy, and are common to all women who are pregnant.

The fact is that, with the expected date of delivery the body more intensively prepares for the birth of baby .  Changes are subject to all the systems and bodies involved in childbirth .  Pubic bone is no exception .  Under the action of the hormone relaxin softens the ligaments and cartilage in the joints pubic bone, which facilitates the passage of the child in the future through the birth canal .  In some cases, however, the process of softening the pubic bone occurs with complications, and where there is pain in the area of ​​the pubis bone .  If the intensity is low and does not cause serious concern, such pain can be attributed to normal .  Strong and severe pain in the pubic bone during pregnancy, followed by the appearance of swelling and sprains in the symphysis pubis - an obvious symptom simfizita .  In addition, most women suffering from the disease, characterized by the characteristic "duck" gait .

Reasons simfizita or pathological tension symphysis pubis, are usually inherited parameters and individual characteristics of the female body. In some cases it arises against the symphysis calcium deficiency.

Excessive soreness pubic bone during pregnancy - a reason to appeal to the traumatologist or surgeon. In the case of confirmation of the diagnosis "symphysis" recommended reduction exercise, wearing a special brace, compliance with bed rest and medications that contain calcium.  Inguinal hernia in men - one of the reasons of pain in the pubic bone

Some pain in the pubic area

The cause of pain in the pubic bone in men with the right or left side of the pubis is often the presence of an inguinal hernia. If the pubic bone pain in the center of the pubis, it is usually a symptom of chronic prostatitis.

Also pain in the area of ​​the pubic bone osteomyelitis occur, which results in inflammation of the symphysis. Symptoms of the disease resemble those simfizita during pregnancy: a pain in the pubic area, the intensity of which increases with pressure on the pubic bone, waddling gait, pain on the inner side of the thigh. Please note that the pubic bone osteomyelitis can occur when the body lesions tuberculosis pathogens.

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