Nucleo CMF Forte

Nucleo CMF Forte - preparation developed based pyrimidine nucleotides for the treatment of pathologies of the peripheral nervous system. Pyrimidine complex is a unique formulation of a favorable safety profile, high-level combination with other drugs without the side effects and interaction effects.

Nucleo CMF Forte: pharmacodynamics of the drug

 Nucleo CMF Forte - a drug for the treatment of pathologies of the peripheral nervous system
 The pathology of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) - one of the most frequent reasons for resorting to a neurologist. Violations of the PNS is the leading causes of long-term disability of patients.

The peripheral nervous system - the body's internal mechanism that connects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) with other bodies. PNS has not received powerful natural defense mechanisms unlike the CNS is protected skeleton and the blood-brain barrier, which makes PNS very vulnerable to external mechanical damage, as well as to the effects of negative factors.

In the peripheral nervous system involving two types of neurons:

  • Sensitive sensory neurons that transmit impulses in the central nervous system;
  • Sensory motor neurons that transmit impulses from the CNS.

To date, more than 100 set of factors that have a negative effect on the neurons and contribute to the violation of their function (the conduction of impulses), among which are distinguished:

  • Toxins;
  • Diseases of various nature;
  • Viral and bacterial lesions of the body;
  • medications;
  • Adverse environmental conditions;
  • Mechanical injury.

There are four types of nerve fibers in the reaction affecting factors, most of which CMP Nucleo Forte is able to stop restoring the sensitivity of the nerve sprouts:

  • Reaction wallerian degeneration (at the intersection of the nerve process);
  • Axonopathy consisting in atrophy or degeneration of nerve fibers (the least studied pathology PNS);
  • Partial demyelination (segment mielinopatiya - damage to the myelin sheath of the nerve preserving);
  • Neyronopatiya - a primary violation of the cell body.

In modern medical practice, treatment of pathologies of PNS mainly boils down to the symptomatic relief of the complex without the elimination of the reasons that makes the treatment ineffective and time-consuming.

Nucleo CMP Forte drug is unique because of its composition. Pyrimidine nucleotides used in the pyrimidine-based innovation complex, play a leading role in the reconstruction of many morphological structures (elements) of the peripheral nervous system, normalize the transmission of impulses to and from the central nervous system.

Pyrimidine nucleotides consisting innovative drug:

  • Cytidine-5-monophosphate (CMP), - a nucleotide involved in the synthesis of complex lipid complexes forming the neuronal membrane. This nucleotide is the main structural component of myelin (electrically insulating sheath that covers axons). Damage to the myelin sheath in some diseases is likely to disrupt coordination and balance. CMP is the main precursor of the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, play a major role in cellular metabolism;
  • Uridine-5-triphosphate (UTP) - nucleotide in a preparation to complement the action of CMP, as well as acting as a coenzyme to stimulate the synthesis of glycolipids myelin sheaths.

Thus, the drug Nucleo CMP Forte promotes rapid regeneration of the nerve fibers and their myelin sheaths of nerve damage after PNS.

Nucleo CMF Forte: instructions for use

The use of the newest drug on the pyrimidine nucleotides translated traditional therapy of pathologies of PNS to a new level. Nucleo CMF Forte is effective in the following diseases PNS:

  • Neuropathy of different etiology - dysfunction of the nervous system osteoarticular, metabolic (including alcoholic, diabetic polyneuropathy), the infectious nature;
  • Neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis;
  • Vertebrogenous pain;
  • Shingles (Herpes Zoster);
  • Myopathy;
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Bell's palsy.

The drug Nucleo CMP Forte, owner of which provides its application only on prescription physician, comes in two forms: capsules and vials. The drug shows both children and adults. When using Nucleo CMF Forte statement did not mention contraindications, side effects and reactions, interactions with other drugs. Nucleo CMF Forte allowed for pregnant and breast-feeding patients. However, in such a situation the drug should be used only in consultation with your doctor.

The drug does not affect a person's ability to drive vehicles and other mechanisms require attention. When therapy with a new generation of Nucleo CMF Forte, instruction adjusts the dosage and duration of treatment.

Nucleo CMF Forte vial: the advantages of the application

 Nucleo CMF Forte vials are appointed for children from 2 years
 The drug is in the form of capsules prescribed for adults and children from 5 years at a dose of 1-2 capsules per day with a duration of treatment of at least 10 days to reach a tangible therapeutic effect.

Nucleo CMP forte ampoules have undoubted benefits for the treatment of pathologies of PNS. When invasive therapy (injection) drug enters directly into the blood, while the effect of the active substances when receiving capsules slows because of the length of assimilation in the digestive tract. Nucleo CMF Forte vials prescribed for children 2 years old and the elderly. Complex Nucleo CMP Forte in ampoules containing 1 vial of powder and 1 vial of the drug solution for injection. The course lasts from 3 to 6 days, then the rate to continue taking the drug in capsules.

Nucleo CMF Forte: reviews and recommendations of doctors

The drug Nucleo CMP Forte, reviews of which position it as an effective tool in the treatment of pathologies of PNS, is a unique instrument that has no contraindications, side effects and do not interact with other drugs used in combination therapy.

Capsules Nucleo CMF Forte reviews can be found in different sources, have the following effects:

  • Active regeneration of nerve fiber membranes;
  • Restoring conduction of nerve fibers, normalization of the correct pulse;
  • Restoring muscle trophism (cellular processes will help to conserve the structure and function of organs and tissues);
  • Improving mobility and sensitivity of the damaged area;
  • The reduction of pain symptoms of inflammation in the affected tissues, feeling numb.

Efficacy proven by practical observations and retrospective studies. Most patients receiving Nucleo CMF Forte therapy, noted the improvement of the dynamics of recovery, a rapid return to normal life, a significant improvement in quality of life.