Pie Face Lift

Circular facelift (rhytidectomy or facelift) - plastic surgery to correct nasolabial folds, eliminate wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of aging. The process of the circular face lift is pulling the skin and underlying muscles, as well as the redistribution of the skin of the neck and face by her excess excision.  Minilifting - circular face lift through an incision in the lower eyelid

Varieties circular facelift

Deep, open neck and face lift is performed in patients after forty years, with marked age-related changes. This removes excess skin and subcutaneous fat, a layer of connective tissue of the neck and face, and pulled again positioned. Rhytidectomy patients spend up to forty years old when age-related changes are mild. This tightens the skin of the neck and forehead. Minilifting - skin tightening the upper, middle and lower part of the face through an incision in the lower eyelid. When closed, endoscopic facelift incisions are made in the temples and the oral mucosa.

The order of the circular face lift

Before feyslingom usually carried out a general survey of the body, as well as before any plastic surgery. Also discussed in detail with the patient and the purpose of plastic surgery expectations and real possibilities. Two weeks before the lift is recommended to completely abandon any of the hormones and drugs that affect blood clotting, smoking. On the day of the plastic surgery should not drink or eat.

In a review of the circular facelift it said that this operation is quite long. Usually it takes at least four to five hours. Suspenders is performed under general anesthesia (inhalation anesthesia). SMAS lifting of certain areas of the face is performed under intravenous anesthesia or under local anesthesia. During surgery, the surgeon excised the excess skin tissue and tightens the muscle-fascial system faces, redistributing skin.

The first two or three days after circular braces the patient should be in a hospital under the supervision of doctors. After the surgery are usually prescribed painkillers and antibiotics. Sutures are removed about a week after surgery. Post-operative swelling is reduced by ten to twenty days, but hair color, facial massage, exercise and sauna are contraindicated for another one and a half months.  Before and after the circular facelift

The final result of the operation is estimated at about one year. It depends on the initial state of the skin, age of the patient, presence of harmful habits and related diseases, as well as on the characteristics of the patient's lifestyle. Re-tightening can be carried out at intervals of five to ten years.

Indications for circular facelift

Circular facelift worth doing when ptosis of soft tissues below the edge of the lower jaw, with deep nasolabial folds, lowering the outer corners of the eyes, skin sagging brows and forehead, deep vertical wrinkles on the cheeks, as well as the formation of pronounced lines and wrinkles on the neck, temporomandibular malar area, in the nose.

Contraindications for circular braces

Rhytidectomy can not be carried out for cancer, severe internal diseases, infectious diseases, bleeding disorders.

After the surgery may have bruising and swelling of skin, skin pigmentation when intradermal hemorrhages in people with delicate and sensitive skin. Skin pigmentation usually disappears within six months after the lift.

For better results, a circular facelift can accompany the chin liposuction and blepharoplasty. Additionally, it may be carried out laser resurfacing skin.

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