Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery in the direction mammoplasty.  Options for the location of the implants for breast augmentation
 Augmentation mammoplasty is a full surgical procedure. Breast augmentation surgery performed under general anesthesia and require careful preparation of the patient, as well as its location in the clinic (time varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and the patient's condition). At present, we developed and successfully practiced different methods of breast augmentation using different implants. The indications for surgery are the primary cell aplasia (lack of mammary glands), the primary hypoplasia (underdevelopment of the breast), the involution of the breast, a mastectomy (surgical removal of the gland, both full and partial).

From the history of augmentation mammoplasty

The need for breast augmentation was dictated by the disease, which required excision of breast tissue or result in deformation of the asymmetry of the breast in women .  The first attempt was made breast augmentation in 1889 .  As the filler (implant) using liquid paraffin, which was introduced into the mammary gland by injection .  In 1895, the first operation was carried out to increase with the use of patient's own tissues (in this case, lipoma excision of the hip portion of the patient) .  Unsatisfactory results of operations led to further search for alternative materials for the implant in the breast .  Thus, throughout history, the doctors used glass balls, ox cartilage, polystyrene, polyvinyl sponge polyurethanes, ivory and many other materials .  Introduction of such material results in the development of inflammation in the breast tissue, infections, tissue necrosis, rejection of the implanted materials .

Only in the 60s of the 20th century for the first time in medical practice for breast augmentation were used silicone implants, is the prototype of the breast implants that are used in modern plastic surgery. Sheath implants permit the first molecule filler (filling material), leading to the development of aseptic inflammations in patients, and the smooth surface of the implant leads to the development of capsular contracture.

In the 80 years, scientists have hypothesized that used silicone breast implants provoke the development of breast cancer. Management Quality Control Food and Drug Administration (Food and Drug Association) has conducted numerous studies have not found evidence of this conjecture and refutation. Modern breast implants are completely safe for the health of patients, and innovative technologies to deliver natural topography, shape and tactile feedback when touching a breast augmentation.

Methods of breast augmentation. Non-surgical techniques. Implants

There are two main methods of breast augmentation: surgical and non-surgical practice.

Surgical methods of breast augmentation differ in the type of access to the breast:

  • Submammary access - dissection of tissues in the submammary fold, which is the most convenient for the surgeon by providing greater access to the tissues, and preferred for patients, since the scar is hidden in the fold;
  • Periareolar access - dissection of tissue around the areola. It is assumed that in the areola scar less noticeable, however, this technique entails the risk of damage and scarring of the ducts that prevent the natural lactation through breastfeeding;
  • Axillary access - dissection of tissue in the armpit of the patient is the most traumatic method of breast enlargement. The main advantage of the technique is the complete absence of scars on the breasts.

By the method of placing implants are distinguished setting implants directly under the mammary gland and under the chest muscle. In recent years, plastic surgeons say another breast implant placement procedure under the pectoral muscle fascia, which is actually located under the mammary gland.

Non-surgical method of breast augmentation involve complex exercise, dietary supplements, hormonal treatments (minor breast augmentation is one of the side effects of some groups of drugs). It should be noted that physical exercise ineffective because it involve the pectoral muscles. The very same breast contains no muscle tissue. Supplements and hormonal drugs give only a temporary slight increase in breast.  Insertion of implants - one method of breast augmentation

Modern implants vary in shape (round, teardrop), surface texture (smooth and ribbed textured) and filling (saline, a gel, a hydrogel). The shape and size of the implant selected individually based on the patient's chest natural relief.

The rehabilitation period after breast augmentation surgery

The rehabilitation period after breast augmentation surgery is characterized by swelling, soreness, bruising. The first 14 days after surgery, patients displayed a complete rest. During the first month you need to wear a compression garment specially selected. In the first three months after breast augmentation patients should avoid strenuous exercise, swimming pool, sauna. The final result after breast augmentation surgery can be assessed only after 9-12 months.

Breast augmentation: Reviews of the operation

Before deciding on breast augmentation, reviews of which are controversial, the patient must understand that Implants - full operation, not a cosmetic procedure, which entails certain risks to health. In order to avoid the negative effects of surgery patients are urged to examine the existing methods of breast augmentation surgery, the available types of implants, as well as visit several plastic surgeons consulted. Breast augmentation, reviews of which are available in the global network, it requires a lot of experience of the plastic surgeon in this particular direction. Error surgery can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of asymmetry, of various sizes, visible scarring, as well as the development of capsular contracture, inflammation, rejection of the implant and its damage during the operation.

Breast augmentation before and after

Many plastic surgeons offer patients examine portfolio, which brings together the work of the surgeon for breast augmentation before and after. This clear demonstration of the results allowing patients to assess the real possibilities of operation. The portfolio shown photographs of patients and the results of breast augmentation before and after different angles. Computer modeling allows us to apply the desired proportion to the actual physical image of the patient.