Breast Reduction

Women who are dissatisfied  The principle of breast reduction surgery
 the shape and size of their breasts, can be divided into those who want to enlarge breasts, and those who need to reduce it. In the first case, the operation is done solely to improve aesthetics, the breast reduction surgery is often necessary to improve the health of the woman.

Plastic surgery to reduce the size of the breast is called a reduction mammoplasty.

Reasons for breast reduction

To determine whether a woman has a reason to reduce the breast and how serious they are, should a specialist, who will explain the complexity of the procedures, are set to result, familiarize yourself with the risks and rules of conduct in the post-operative period.

Not all holders of large breasts consider it a disadvantage, and only serious health problems may cause to reflect on its reduction. Weight of the mammary gland more than 0, 5 kg gives a greater load on the spine, which greatly increases the risk of acquiring the following problems:

  • Pain in the thoracic spine in the neck, extending to the shoulders;
  • Mastodynia - pain in the chest;
  • Shortness of breath (because women have a thoracic breathing);
  • Irritation of diaper rash and inflammation of the skin under the breast;
  • Difficulty in diagnosing breast disease;
  • Limit physical activity.

With age, these problems are only compounded. Because of the uneven loading on the spine osteochondrosis and scoliosis occurs, and back and neck are exposed to heavy load, which causes migraines and muscle pain. The close relationship with the internal organs of the spine leads to poor overall health. Inevitably disturbed posture and gait deteriorating. In such cases, breast reduction, in the opinion of women who decided on this action, the only possible chance of finding a new life without chronic pain and problems.

Preparation for breast reduction surgery

If the decision to have surgery for breast reduction decided to increase the chance of a successful outcome to the operation is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Pass the inspection of mammalogy and make mammograms;
  • Subject to any diet to achieve the final result before the operation, because weight loss surgery have a negative impact on the appearance of the bust;
  • Drink enough for the nutrition of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. Additionally, you can take vitamins;
  • Smokers should quit smoking at least two weeks before the upcoming surgery, since smoking is a negative factor in the healing after reduction mammoplasty;
  • Stop taking medications that reduce blood clotting (such as aspirin), two weeks before the surgery and do not take them for a week afterwards.

You should know that breast reduction is not recommended for women who intend to breast-feed in the future, women with a high degree of obesity, as well as diseases of the heart, kidney or respiratory system.

Breast reduction surgery

The plastic  Breast reduction surgery is called a reduction mammoplasty
 Surgery Breast reduction surgery is one of the most difficult, given the large volume of removed tissue fragments, as well as the need to preserve the blood supply to the movable portion. In order to choose the right one way of reduction (reducing) mammoplasty, you must know that:

  • Large breasts can be reduced to an arbitrarily small size;
  • Modern surgery allows you to perform breast reduction in one step, without further reference to the corrective surgery;
  • After surgery, the nipple with areoles should look natural, if necessary, the diameter areolas may be reduced;
  • Operated breast should not lactating, so the operation can be planned in six months after the cessation of lactation and not less than one year before pregnancy.

Currently, the countries with developed insurance medicine operation breast reduction included in the insurance policy as a reconstructive plastic surgery done for free, solely for the purpose of improvement of women.

Immediately before the surgery, the surgeon applies lines anticipated patient profiles, located in the "standing" position, depending on the characteristics of its structure and wishes regarding the esthetic outcome after breast reduction. During the operation carried out the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue and excess stretched skin. In most cases, the nipple is moved to a new position, and the remaining tissue form a new breast.

The average operation lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the individual characteristics and the extent of surgical intervention. Upon completion of the transaction is applied pressing sterile elastic bandage that one day replaced by compression underwear.

The period of recovery and rehabilitation after breast reduction, in the opinion of patients, quite painless, subject to compliance with all the recommendations received at the clinic.