Hymenoplasty - gynecological surgery to restore the hymen.

the main task  The main objective of Hymenoplasty - to hide the presence of sexual experience
   Hymenoplasty - hide the presence of sexual experiences and sexual contact in the past. Historically, men have always aspired to build a serious marital relationships, taking the wife of girls who do not have sexual experience. In the world of contemporary relations between men and women, it would seem, for a long time this prejudice should be abolished, but, unfortunately, it is not. The absence of a hymen in to marry a young woman can be a challenge, not only for her but also for her lover. In such cases, the women decide to give hymenoplasty almost perfect result to solve this problem.

According to reviews, Hymenoplasty is a right choice in the following situations:

  • Ethical and religious beliefs of the future spouse's family or the girl's family;
  • The psychological trauma of the girl, the victim of violence;
  • The presence of female sexual experience in the past, which does not have to know her choice;
  • The desire to bring the novelty of the partners in the relationship.

The first operation was carried Hymenoplasty in 1962, a gynecologist from Italy Bernoulli made her his own daughter. As soon as the world learned of this possibility only for next year, the operation was made more than 35 thousand girls from Europe.

In our time in intimate plastic surgery hymen restoration is one of the most sought after plastic surgery, and reviews about Hymenoplasty in most cases, only positive.

Hymenoplasty before and after

So, if the decision to restore the hymen completely accepted, that's what you need to do before and after Hymenoplasty:

  • Be sure to go in-depth survey with a complex analysis of a gynecologist with carrying out videokolpografii;
  • To pass inspection and to consult a therapist to make X-ray and an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Decision on the possibility of surgery, the doctor will take place only after consideration of the results of such an examination.

Directly operation Hymenoplasty passes quickly enough, but to achieve the desired effect and to avoid complications should strictly comply with all recommendations of the physician. A few days after surgery is not recommended:

  • Take a bath (shower only);
  • Avoid swimming in open water, baths, saunas;
  • Strongly avoid intimate relationships.

There  Hymenoplasty - operation to restore the hymen
 Special dietary recommendations: in the early days you must give preference to a liquid diet, avoid the formation of gas in the intestines. If you follow all the doctor's recommendations before and after Hymenoplasty, it heals everything quickly, given the good blood supply to the vagina, and there are no further complications arise.

How to restore the damaged hymen

There are several main types of surgery Hymenoplasty:

  • Short Hymenoplasty (refloratsiya);
  • Long-term or three-layer Hymenoplasty.

The choice of Hymenoplasty depends on what result you are focused. If you need to get the desired result in a week or two, the surgeon sews the damaged areas of the hymen together, simulating the shape of the hymen as it was before the start of sexual activity, using absorbable suture material. You must know that refloratsiyu may perform no more than two times because the remnants of the hymen eventually become thinner.

In a situation where you want to save her virginity for a long time, experts use a special method, the so-called three-layer Hymenoplasty in which three layers of tissue of the vaginal entrance actually form a new hymen. For this part of the vaginal mucosa, from which the hymen itself and create, move directly into its vestibule, its three layers ushivaya taken mucosal tissue. Sutures are not necessary to remove, as over time the threads dissolve themselves.

Reinstated way of a three-layer Hymenoplasty hymen present impossible to distinguish even the gynecologist professionals even more impossible it will be to understand the future spouse. No matter how much time passed from the time when you made a three-layer hymenoplasty before the first sexual intercourse, this method guarantees both the restoration of virginity, and what signs of a hymen defloration be natural and obvious.

The world around us is changing rapidly, but despite this, and now Hymenoplasty remains one of the most popular and sought-after plastic surgery. If circumstances force a woman to take this step, it can be sure that the result will meet their expectations.