Orange diet

What is orange diet?

 Orange diet
 Among the many modern systems for weight loss it takes a worthy place orange diet is presented in several variations. Most of these diets are based on a combination of oranges and protein products that allow to activate the process of burning fat in the body. Oranges is a source of large amounts of vitamin C, which has antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Dietary fiber, which is rich oranges, help cleanse the intestines, improve digestion and a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Oranges, among other things, characterized by a low-calorie, it will be appreciated by many nutritionists and dieters. Thus, the orange diet are not only effective, but also a useful way of getting rid of the extra kilos.

Orange diet 1

This diet allows for a week easily lose about three kilograms of excess weight. As part of the proposed system are allowed to supply periodic discharge of the recommended diet, which makes this an orange diet for weight loss very simple to comply with.

Orange Diet designed for one to three weeks, during which requires compliance with three five-day cycles between which includes a two-day breaks. Throughout the diet breakfast actually the same menu including orange, crackers, unsweetened coffee or tea.

1st day. For lunch, it is recommended to eat an orange, an egg and toast - all in one piece., Drink 1 cup of yogurt or kefir. Dinner that day must be submitted eggs and tomatoes - 2 pcs. and one crunches.

2nd day. Lunch is the same as the previous day. Dinner includes a dining products, the replacement of eggs on the tomato and the addition of 150 g of boiled beef.

3rd day. Lunch, besides oranges, eggs and croutons, provides 2 cups of yogurt. Dinner that day is 150 grams of steak, one orange and crackers, 1 cup of yogurt.

4th day. On this day, for lunch orange diet should eat 1 pc. cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons and 150 g fat-free yogurt. Dinner also includes some innovations: an apple, 150 grams of beef, two tomatoes and a piece of bread.

5th day. For dinner is optimal menu including 200 g of boiled fish, a few leaves of lettuce, two tomatoes and two cups of yogurt. Dinner that day should consist of boiled eggs, two tomatoes and leaf lettuce 4-5.

After five "working" days orange diet allowed two days' rest, "in which allowed other products to diversify the menu, but it is not necessary to get involved too much in order not to lose the results of the previous days.

Orange diet 2

This orange diet reviews describe as a more complex, but at the same time more efficient - to get rid of 8 kg per week. Recommended diet should be followed for three weeks. For the first seven days of the daily diet includes 2 boiled eggs, 1 kg of oranges or grapefruits. In addition, on the day you should drink at least two liters of clean water. Diet second week orange diet suggests changes in the replacement prisoners eggs unlimited grain cereals, cooked in water without salt and sugar. Still we should not forget plenty of water. During the last third week apart of 1 kg of oranges and water is allowed to include in the daily diet of vegetables and fruits, except grapes, bananas and potatoes.

With reasonable approach given the orange diet for weight loss can provide an excellent and long-lasting result.

Egg-orange diet

 Egg-orange diet is designed for two weeks
 This diet is very common in Europe, not only because of its efficiency, but also the use of the products included in its menu. Egg-orange diet is designed for two weeks, but if you want the duration can be increased.

During the first week should be fed three times a day, eating at one time three eggs and two oranges. It should be remembered that eggs should cook exactly 12 minutes - no more, no less. The diet is supplemented by the second week of fresh fruit and vegetables in unlimited quantities. The same applies to the menu next week, when it was decided to continue the egg-orange diet. Out of the power of such a system it is recommended gradually introducing the usual diet in small portions in stages.

This diet is very effective, especially valuable is its ability to "burn" the last extra kilos, from which, as we know, the most difficult to get rid of.

Benefits and harms of orange diet

As the reviews, orange diet provides impressive results: the fat deposits disappear and do not come back, burned the cellulite, the skin becomes more elastic. However, as with most diets, this weight loss system has its "pitfalls": due to the rapid weight loss skin can droop and wrinkles become more visible. Also, orange diet violates the natural metabolic processes, which is a severe blow to the body.

The more dangerous egg-orange diet? Everyone knows that eggs and citrus fruits are allergenic products, the excessive use of which may cause significant harm. In this regard, it is very important before you make these products the basis of their diet for a long time, consult your doctor.

What else can be dangerous orange diet for weight loss? Contained in the citrus limonoids and vitamin C have an active effect on the digestive tract, which may lead to breakdown operation or exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach or intestine. In addition, the stomach to digest in one day1 kg of citrus, orange prescribed diet 2, is quite difficult. Also note that the eggs in large amounts causes increased cholesterol levels, which in turn leads to the formation of constipation.

Each diet has both positive and negative sides. If you come to losing weight deliberately, without fanaticism and forcing events harm the orange diet will be minimal, and the results - stunning.

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